Classick Team-Up! Ep 63: #BlackPanther vs. Batman, ft. Nerd Ferguson & Reckless Ronin


Presented by The CSPN

Welcome back to another exciting Who Would Wash Who Doe? edition of Classick Team-Up! on The CSPN!

This week, Classick teams up with rapper/producer/lyricist extraordinaire Nerd Ferguson and gamer/twitchstreamer/BatHive shit starter Reckless Ronin to discuss:
Batman vs. Black Panther
Wonder Woman vs. Okoye & black women?
Avengers: Infinity War pushed up a week
Nerd Ferg’s upcoming album
Keeping a cutlass
& much, much more!

Press Play & Enjoy!!

Listen to Classick Team-Up! Ep 63: Black Panther vs. Batman

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