The WrassleCast, Episode 11: Tables, Ladders and Slammys f/Keith Holt, Jr. of Ring Time Pro Wrestling

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Welcome back to the WrassleCast, your place for pro wrestling color commentary with color…

WrassleCast11-JeffHardyTLCThis week, the gentlemen of the New WrassleCast Order are joined by an original WrassleCast All-Star: Host of Ring Time Pro Wrestling Podcast and 1/2 of The Holt Foundation, Keith Holt, Jr.

This episode, the guys discuss Lucha Underground, preview NXT R Evolution, review Ring of Honor “Final Battle”, recap The Slammys edition of Raw and give their predictions for WWE’s Tables, Ladders & Chairs (& for some reason, Stairs). Then the crew debate which promotions could pose a real threat to WWE’s market share and how they would position the competition. Plus, those damned millennials…

Press Play, hold onto your brass rings and brace yourselves for numerous bumps & high spots on this show.

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This week’s Parting Promo: “The Next F’N Show”
Rob Van Dam & Bill Alfonso vs. Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg


This week’s guest: Keith Holt, Jr. of Ring Time Pro Wrestling

KHoltJr Keith Holt, Jr. is a blogger, podcaster and Dollar Store connoisseur. Hit him up about Comedy, Sports, Politics, Pro Wrestling.

Follow him on twitter @KHoltJr

Ring Time Pro Wrestling is a show that talks about any and everything in pro wrestling, from WWF/E, TNA/IMPACT, ROH and the indies.


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jimmyDelRay2*This episode is dedicated to the memory of pro wrestling legend “Gigolo” Jimmy Del Ray of the Heavenly Bodies. Rest in peace, Gigolo.

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