Comic Book Chronicles Ep. 97 12/4/2014

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Welcome back to another edition of The KLIQ Nation’s Comic Book Chronicles.

4252230-sscoverWe’re back!  After a break while we enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends, #ComicBookChronicles  is back to update you on all the latest comic book entertainment news and reviews.

In TV news, we recap the epic back-to-back Flash/Arrow crossover on The CW as well as discuss the fate of NBC’s Constantine. Then we react to some movie news about Dr. Strange, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones casting decisions. And Tim announces a special Comic Book Chronicles exclusive edition with @JeffJSays of ThatADHDShow.

All this plus reviews of this week’s (and last week’s!) comics, and our KLIQ’s of the Week.

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Exclusive: Comic Book Chronicles with special guest @JeffJSays

After this broadcast, listen to TheKLIQNation host @TimDogg98 and @JeffJSays, host of ADHD:  A Digitally Humorous Discussion Show, in a new Comic Book Chronicles special edition available exclusively at!


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