Sitcomspiracy Theories: Family Matters


This was originally posted on my website The KLIQ Nation here.  It also leads into one of our next podcast shows “Sitcomspiracy Theories”.
Earlier this week an interesting topic of conversation occurred on Twitter.  One of my good follows@vthrilla was expressing his theories on the TV show Family Matters.  Have you ever wondered how the Winslow family was able to pay for all the damages Steve Urkel caused to their property?  An insurance company would only insure them but for a small handful of the destruction Steve caused.  After the third time Steve parked a car or boat through the living room, State Farm would have raised the premium on them.
So again, let me ask the question “How did the Winslow’s afford to get their home repaired time after time?” Let’s connect some dots shall we….Family Matters takes place in Chicago.  Carl Winslow is on the Chicago police department.  Policemen don’t have the best salaries, yet the Winslows always had money for repairs. The only logical answer is Carl Winslow was on the take!  Carl had to have been taking money under the table.  There were a few episodes where we got to see Carl flex his police muscle.  But the majority of the time we never heard about his days as a policeman.  Could it be because he wasn’t really fighting that much crime?  Don’t let the teddy bear exterior fool you.  Inside Carl Winslow lies the rage and fury of an African-American Tony Soprano.

And then there’s Steve Urkel.  Was he really spending all his time in his lab cooking up great inventions?  Or was he secretly the neighborhood pusher-man?  Why else would he constantly tweek out and cause damage to anyone and anything in his presence?  And Steve would cleverly cover up any mistake with “Did I Do That?”  OF COURSE YOU DID THAT!  WHO ELSE WOULD COME CRASHING THROUGH THE ROOF WITH A JETPACK STRAPPED TO THEIR BACK?!  I’m telling you something wasn’t right about him.

What are your thoughts on Family Matters?  Do you still see the show with the same virgin eyes?  Or have your eyes finally been opened to THE TRUTH?!  Discuss amongst yourselves in the Comments section below. But hurry before Carl catches wind of this post and pays us all a visit.

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