Classick Team-Up! #21: Nic the Ju, co-host of What’s the Tea? podcast

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Welcome to an all-new Classick Team-Up!

For my 21st episode, I finally team up with longtime friend of the Cold Slither Podcast, fellow room-temp ketchup lover, triple-threat star of stage, stage and podcast, and co-host of the What’s the Tea? podcast NicJu!

Finally, #FreeNicJu is on the Team-Up!
Finally, #FreeNicJu is on the Team-Up!

Together, we talk about hosting #datTea, joining the TWIBularity, time shares, using twitter, using hood hashtags, Bill Cosby, and nerd rage about comic book TV shows and movies.

Also featured are Classick Role-Plays of “Friday” and “Pulp Fiction” that you don’t want to miss!

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About Nic the Ju

NicJuNic the Ju is co-host of the What’s the Tea? podcast along with R2thaEdgy. “What’s the Tea?” is now part of the TWIBularity. #datTea and other shows on the TWIBularity can be found at

Nic is also a singer, actress and friend to everyone. You can hear her previous appearance on the Cold Slither Podcast’s Scooby Doo episode here.

Follow Nic the Ju on twitter @nicju_

Follow What’s the Tea? podcast on twitter @GoodDaySaints

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