Classick Team-Up! #28: Ebony Jones (@huegolden)


Welcome back to a special Monday morning edition of Classick Team-Up!

GoT Dragon
Classick gets Ebony to blerdsplain Game of Thrones to him in this week’s Team-Up!

Joining Classick on this week’s episode is Ebony Jones (known on twitter as @huegolden) to talk about her podcast “Blerd’s Landing”, Blerdsplaining “Game of Thrones”, the #TwitpicYourCheveuxCrepus & #TwitpicYourAfro movements, visiting Europe, marriage equality, and President Obama’s hat trick. All of this, plus a couple of “That’s So Raven!” moments from Classick and more rants about Canadians and Kraft dinner. Apologies to fans of Good & Terrible this week, but this is your “Terrance & Phillip” and we hope you enjoy it.

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Ebony Jones

huegoldenBefore you come here, check your dictionary. 35, 5’9, 215

#TwitpicYourCheveuxCrepus #TwitpicYourAfro

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