Tube-a-Ruba: YouTube favorites


A fun board game cover or a kidnapped children ransom photo? Your call...

Let’s kick off the first of our random YouTube favorites post with the title video.

I don’t skydive, I don’t scuba
But I can really Tuba Ruba!

Nothing’s more fun than surfing YouTube for videos, and what better way to post our faves than to put them here in one place? This will be a regular feature of the CSP site, frequency still TBD, but enough acronyms!

World Record Paper Airplane Distance

We’ve spent a good percentage of our youths trying to perfect the paper airplane. Sure, you can make one that was aerodynamically superior, but could you throw it? And vice versa. We’ve seen some travesties, now prepare for some awesome. Yes there is a separate thrower and designer on this team.

Waldo The Movie – Official Trailer

Dark, gritty, violent… funny as hell. Somehow we knew Waldo got tired of being found…

This summer, Waldo finds you…

I Wanna Dance With Somebody – Ben Rector

This was created and posted well before Whitney Houston had passed, but still a nice rendition of one of her classic hits.

TMNT Stop Motion Intro (1987)

4,000 individual pictures and a rockin cover by the Boom Bangs recreates one of the 80s’ most popular cartoon intros. Great work!

Nike Barbershop Chris Webber/Charles Barkley

Nike excelled at marketing their shoes, especially in the 90’s. This one re-tells the story of Chris Webber dunking on Charles Barkley during a game, with C-Webb playing the role of Chuck and infamous coach-choker, former Knickerbocker and eventual family-feeder Latrell Sprewell playing the role of his former Warriors teammate C-Webb. The towel used as a cape was a nice touch…

Oh yeah, that female barber in the background? None other than former Tennessee native TV & film actress and all-time CSP Helloooooo Nurse! lady… Elise Neal.

WNB-AYs “Overtime”

When Phoenix meets the Liberty, we’ve got the possibility
of overtime [What time?] O-VER-TIIIIIMEEE!

No one watches the WNBA. But you wouldn’t have known it from this super-cool ESPN promo for one of their games back in the first season of the league. Bring back the WNB-AYS, four-letter! I’d watch a game if I knew they’d be performing this song at halftime.

Catch more WNB-AYS jams on this guys Youtube channel.

Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood vs. Sgt. Slaughter & Don Kernodle (1982)

This past week we recognized the 59th birthday of wrestling legend Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat (special thanks again to CSP contributor JD). In his storied career, Steamboat enjoyed much success in a tag team with fellow legend Jay Youngblood. Here are the final minutes of one of their most famous matches, a steel cage contest versus then world tag team champs Sgt. Slaughter and Don Kernodle.

Shout-out to Youtube user OldSchoolRasslin!

Matthew Perry sitcom “Second Chance” predicts Libyan ruler [Q][Gh][G]addafi would die in 2011

This was a weird one, because they got it right down to the year. Second Chance was part of the newly launched Fox TV network in the late 80’s. It starred Matthew Perry, who would later join the cast of the hit 90’s sitcom Friends, as the younger version of a man who was sent back to Earth in 1987 to relive his life after dying in a hovercraft accident in… you guessed it… 2011. This scene depicts St. Peter welcoming Gaddafi (the Wikipedia’s spelling of it) to heaven only to render him his judgement. One can also figure this is the source of the mega-patriotic, anti-Muslim sensibilities of Fox News today, but they might be reaching. We see it as a stitch in time.

Second Chance only lasted three months under that title, then the whole “second chance at life” theme was dropped and the show focused strictly on the hi-jnks of teenaged Chazz and Booch under the title Boys Will Be Boys. The show was cancelled the following May of 1988. Check out the opening credits of Second Chance and Boys Will Be Boys.

And here’s some more trivia for you… both iterations of this short lived sitcom featured veteran actress Randee Heller playing the mom. Why does that name sound familiar? Well, she played Daniel Larusso’s mother in the 80’s Karate Kid movies.

A medic? No mom, I need Mr. Miyagi! Okinawan rope-burns FTW!
“Sex Shooter” remix – Vanity vs. Apollonia Funk Showdown

The title speaks for itself. The visuals say…. Heellllooooooooooo Nurse!!!!


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