GamerGate, Let’s Be Facundo and WWF Superstars: The many appearances of Classick

Classick (that’s me) has appeared on a number of other podcasts outside of the CSPN of late. Here’s a quick run-down, in case you missed them:

Spawn On Me Episode 29: This is Classick

I recently set up shop in Brookago as a guest on the Spawn On Me gaming podcast, co-hosted by Kahlief and my old college buddy Cicero. We reminisce about our Tecmo Super Bowl NES days and then give our opinions on the upcoming NBA Live, NHL and Destiny game releases. Finally, we have a lengthy discussion about GamerGate and the trouble surrounding it. Recently featured in Black Enterprise, Spawn On Me is great podcast with two awesome hosts!

Geeks With Color Podcast 109 – Let’s Be Facundo

In this episode I join the Geeks Q and Samuel and we talk about Brock Lesnar, Racist Vince McMahon, both Nick & Jake Johnson, as well as a review of Let’s Be Cops. We also talk about Keke Palmer and the happenings in Ferguson. Bartles & Jaymes, everyone!

EDP312 – WWF Superstars of Wrestling


Finally, Classick was recently a guest on Cold Slither Podcast co-founder eclectik’s show, where the two CSP vets talk about The Superstars era of the WWF (1986-1996), when it was all about the Madness, the Mania and Doink the Clown!


Well, here’s the part where I mention that I am available to appear on YOUR podcast if you need me. Simply hit me up directly on twitter @classickmateria or contact me via our official e-mail


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