Classic Classick Team-Up! #15: Cerrome Russell

Decepticomics Domination Week continues on the CSPN!

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Welcome back to Classick Team-Up!
In this classic episode, I hang out with comedian Cerrome Russell, who is 1/5th (20%) of The Decepticomics comedy group and co-host of the brand new Baker-Bone and Rome Bad Advice Show debuting here on the CSPN.


We talk about math, The Decepticomics, adult education, NBA veterans, Dolph Lundgren, Police Academy and much more! Enjoy the show!


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Discussed this episode

Angry, Stupid and Armed

Decepticomics in D.C.
Gangster IT guys
Romantic Skype calls
Being adults in school: Saving young coeds from bad decisions, Grown folk focus, Jump Street discount plan
Veteran NBA players
Rings on the socks
The Decepticomics: Origins, Described as Decepticons
Michael Bay shade (always)
Dolph Lundgren ruined ALL your childhood memories (Masters of the Universe, Rocky didn’t avenge Apollo enough)
The Expendables movies
Singing the State Farm jingle don’t work
Accident rage
Classick Role-Play: “Snatch” (2000)
When will BET give out lifetime achievement awards to porn actors and pro wrestlers?
Black wrestlers
Koko B. Ware had a family to feed
Short Circuit racism
How to fix the police departments – Police Academy profiling

RIP Jimi Jamison of Survivor

Listen to Classick Team-Up! Episode 15 – Cerrome Russell on the free CSPN Archive

About our guest

romeCerrome Russell, born and raised in Sumter County, GA, started his comedy career 10 years ago while serving in the United States Marine Corps. He was first exposed to a broader audience as a cast member on the 2nd Season of BET’s popular prank show Hell Date. He has traveled extensively, performing at college campuses and military installations worldwide. Cerrome Russell’s comedy comes in many varieties, including Off-Center, Truthful, and of course, Country. He is the “Megatron” of The DeceptiComics crew and co-host of the Baker-Bone and Rome Bad Advice Show.

Follow Cerrome on twitter @CerromeRussell

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