Classick Team-Up! SPECIAL EDITION: #Ferguson, How Can I Help? w/@SheSeauxSaditty

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SSS suppliesIn this special edition of Classick Team-Up!, Classick speaks with wonderful mother and cook Nona, aka twitter personality “SheSeauxSaditty”, about #OperationHelporHush, the humanitarian effort she and others are undertaking to bring aid to the protesters on the ground in Ferguson, Missouri.

We discuss how the events that unfolded in the Michael Brown killing by police motivated her to do something and how her entrepreneurial spirit led to setting up a way of getting food, water and supplies to the people who are actively demonstrating.

Mrs. Saditty also speaks on how people can help more directly by sending supplies, what items are needed in the area, and how people around the world can volunteer from within their respective cities.

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How can you help?

If you would like to contribute to feeding and supplying protesters in Ferguson and are unable to be there, you may send contributions in any amount via PAYPAL to SADITTYCOOKS@GMAIL.COM.

Funds will be transferred to trusted individuals on the ground in Ferguson and food, water and safety masks will be purchased for the protesters.All proof of purchase will be uploaded in addition to photos of distribution.

An alternative way to help is to purchase and send supplies directly to Ferguson. Contact Nona via e-mail or twitter and she will arrange delivery from your location and has offered to pay for shipping.

Supplies in need include:


Follow the operation on twitter using the hashtag #OperationHelporHush

SSSadittyFollow Nona on twitter at @SheSeauxSaditty
E-mail her at
Visit her site at

Special thanks to @Nettaaaaaaaa, @Vandalyzm and @bellebutters who are on the ground in Ferguson coordinating supply efforts!

Keep up with the show discussion on twitter using the hashtag #ClassickTeamUp

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 *This episode is dedicated to the memory of Michael Brown*

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