Classick Team-Up! #12: The Return of William Bruce West

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In this episode, my first guest from Episode 1, pop culture savant William Bruce West, returns to the CTU after an 18 month absence. We talk comic books, movies, television, reboots & remakes, engage in some “Ask Classick” questions and even lob a rant or two about Michael Bay in there. Enjoy the show!

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About our guest


He’s Forgotten More About Pop Culture Than You’ll Ever Know…

Returning guest William Bruce West is a blerd who enjoys Power Rangers and writes cool features like West Week Ever, Thrift Justice and the infamous Black History Month post over at his site

Check out his online store Will’s World of Wonder at
… OR just click on the panel of toys on the left side of this page!

Follow Will on twitter @williambwest

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*This episode is dedicated to the memories of Eric Garner, Michael Brown and Robin Williams.*

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