Remembering Robin Williams (a gallery)

With the passing of Robin Williams, we remember his massive career of accomplishments on-screen and stage.

Robin Williams was everyone, from space voyager to muscle-bound sailor man, nanny, car salesman, doctor, inventor, President of the United States, children’s television show superstar, robot, penguin, genie and more.

He’s been Mork from Ork, Popeye, Genie, Patch Adams,  Mrs. Doubtfire and Teddy Roosevelt. Robin Williams woke up Vietnam, told Will Hunting it wasn’t his fault and taught a bunch of us what “Carpe Diem” meant. He brought Comic Relief to the masses and brought the Bird Cage to life. He starred opposite acting greats like De Niro, Pacino, Hoffman, Hackman, Cosby, Pryor, Bridges, Russell, Field, Gooding, Jr. and even the likes of LL Cool J. He made one-hour photo studios scary, made Jumanji a catchphrase and made RV’s cool again. He was the Bicentennial Man and the young playful child living in a grown man’s body. To many of us, he was Peter Pan in more ways than one.

This gallery is just a chunk of the many things he’s done. His life was so much more, including his daughter Zelda. His comedy and acting touched the lives of so many of us while battling addiction and depression. We grew up on him and we will miss him.

Thank you, Robin Williams.


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  1. davenappy says:

    Excellent work. A great tribute to a gifted man.

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