Anutha Twenny Fo #10: Two Cheeeeeeennnnggggss!!

Presented by The Cold Slither Podcast Network

Cheng Zhi Back!
Cheng Zhi Back!

In this episode, Classick flies solo as we near the final hour(s) of 24: Live Another Day.

A blast from the past, Cheng makes his move, but so do Jack, Kate, Punchable Chief of Staff Face, President Let-Them-Play, the word “newkewler”. Plus, we’re introduced to the Chloe-Roll! It’s non-stop action in this hour, and we’re gonna give you the full run-down here on #AnuthaTwennyFo!

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Other stuff discussed

The Good and Terrible Show starring Ceej and Beauty Jackson

The return of Classick Team-Up feat. Keith Holt, Jr.

The Arcade Collector, Season 2

32 Things about Disney’s Tron  its 32nd Anniversary


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