Anutha Twenny Fo #09: “Communism… F*%k Yeah!!” (featuring @eclectik)

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In this episode…. whoa!

Classick and Beauty Jackson break down the 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM hour of 24: Live Another Day, but this time they have a special guest!

eclectik, 1/3 of the OG Cold Slither Podcast, creator of #1GottaGo and host of PodcastEDP, joins us this week.

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After finally catching up with Nasty Navarro, Jack and the CIA have to contend with a universal WMD remote that’s still missing. Punchable Chief-of-Staff-Face is losing all sorts of grip on his marriage and his bladder as the Russians are pressing for results. Kate finds out the truth about her husband and is bent on revenge. And an old familiar face drops by to devalue Top Dollar and play deep sea Password with the U.S. Navy.

Other stuff discussed

What did you “ask Thicke”?

Paula and MC Skat Kat

4th of July plans – Rocky IV & Team America: World Police

Sad mixes of upbeat songs

The Fresh Prince discovered his bass for “Summertime”


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His site is loaded with blog posts, the #1GottaGo game, an encyclopedia hip-hop section, the world-famous #appreciation section and links to both of his podcasts (“eclectik discussion podcast” & “encyclopedia hip-hop”).
Also follow his shows on twitter @PodcastEDP and @TweetRhymesLife


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