Recently in my search for all things comic related on the Internet I came across the following quote from the lovely Michelle Rodriguez from her Entertainment Weekly interview about Fast & Furious 6 and her possible role in superhero movies:


Gratuitous Nudity!

I must say that I honestly don’t see how she could not like any of the female superheroes. But after I donned my Batman mask and activated my detective skills I came to the conclusion that it’s a matter of Michelle Rodriguez just not being up to date on her comic books seeing as she states she “was” a fan of Iron Man, Superman and Spider-Man meaning to me that she no longer partakes in the awesomeness that is comic book reading. I’m really just trying to give her the benefit of the doubt by assuming this.

Comic books have changed and grown a lot over the years. The stories have gotten better (in some cases gotten worse), there are different types of comic books (it’s not just superheroes saving the world from dastardly villains), there are gay characters, transgender characters etc. But most importantly we have seen an increase in female superheroes. And cool ones at that! We have Supergirl, Captain Marvel, Black Widow, Misty Knight, Valkyrie, the Birds of Prey featuring Katana, Black Canary, Poison Ivy and Batgirl! The list goes on.

And lets not forget the Queen Amazon herself – Wonder Woman. This woman has held a strong following for 72 years. Let me say that again. She has had a following for SEVENTY-TWO YEARS. And she is just as boss as she was back in the day. These are just the MAJOR companies that I’m mentioning. There are boss female characters coming from Image, Boom! Studios, Dark Horse etc. Comic books have given us plenty of awesome kick ass Superheroines to look up and to love. Michelle Rodriguez wants a rebellious hero? Pick up Batwoman! Let us also not ignore the fact that we now have an all women X-Men title by Mr. Brian Wood himself!


If anything the current problem is that movie studios aren’t making movies for these kick ass characters. Or some would say they’re downplaying their role by making them supporting characters like they did with Catwoman (which they never SAID was Catwoman) in The Dark Knight Rises. Black Widow was excellent in The Avengers but one can complain (if you’re the complaining type) that she was a supporting role. This is actually true. She was there in a supporting role BUT this was a TEAM movie so all of them were supporting roles with segments where they got to be the big boss hog. Yes. We do need more movies about Superheroines. But I can’t see how you can say you don’t like ANY female superheroes currently rocking the comic universe. (Have you NOT heard of Hit Girl!?) I’d really like to know what Michelle Rodriguez is looking for in a Superheroine. If she wants…she can always hit me up and I can put her on to some great titles…I’m just saying…CALL ME MICHELLE!

Hey Superheroine Boos Hey

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