Some wonderful parting gifts: The League featuring Hake’s Americana and Collectibles

This week’s assignment from The League of Extraordinary Bloggers is a fun one…

You have very deep pockets but your shelves are bare. Go on a shopping spree at Hake’s to make your place a little more awesome.

Hake’s Americana and Collectibles is a good friend of League HQ at and graciously extended their catalog for us to peruse and use in our post. I’m thinking, why am I buying all this stuff? Well, you know how game shows have wonderful parting gifts for their contestants who lose or come in second third any place other than first? Well, when I am well-to-do with deep pockets, I want to buy conversation pieces that I have no problem giving away to guests that come visit me at STATELY CLASSICK MANOR!! I can always go back to Hake’s and buy more cool stuff, right? Well, let’s go!!!

hakes auction 208
Shop for yourself at Hake’s auction! Visit today!

Jack Kirby “Fantastic Four” #95 Comic Book Cover Original Art (current bid: $33,000)

(no caption)

Look, if you’re gonna walk into STATELY CLASSICK MANOR, you’ll be greeted by not some wack painting by some wack dead artisan from ItaliFrenchia who cut off his own ear in a fit of depression, you’re gonna feast your eyes on the work of an AMERICAN ICON… namely JACK “KING” KIRBY! This 11-3/8×17.5″ thin artboard featuring original pen and ink art was created for the Feb. 1970 issue of “Fantastic Four” #95 published by Marvel Comics. The comic itself was written by STAN LEE and drawn by Kirby and boasts a cover featuring a thrilling action scene with all four members of Marvel’s First Family with a caption that forbodes “WORLD WAR III!” if the FF fail on their mission. This art collection, although showing some light wear and moisture, is extremely rare and extremely valuable (way more than the current bid price, which is a steal!). More screenshots below!!

(no caption)

(no caption) (no caption) (no caption) (no caption) (no caption)


(no caption)

You know how Bruce Wayne looked up to Zorro and was so inspired by the image of that figure that he eventually became Batman? Well, as Classick Wayne looks back on his childhood, one character who you’ll know inspired him was The Lone Ranger!  Shown here atop his trusty steed Silver (as in “Hi Ho Silver! Awayyyy!!“), this removable Lone Ranger action figure is from the late 1950s and comes with “correct style hat with silver guns”. Silver comes with “saddle with holes and cinch strap”. The Lone Ranger will make a lovely parting gift to anyone visiting STATELY CLASSICK MANOR, provided they can regale us with the tale of exactly why he is called “The Lone Ranger” when he operates alongside Tonto during after-dinner drinks in the STATELY CLASSICK STUDY!


(no caption)

As I once told in a previous post about my Halloween costume experience (and mishap!), it’s easy to mistake Eddie Munster from the TV show “The Munsters” as a vampire, but no, he’s a werewolf, and a very shaggy one at that! As visitors make their way into one of the 20 bathrooms within STATELY CLASSICK MANOR, they will be greeted by Eddie’s “Woof Woof” doll outside the door. This doll isn’t Eddie in full transformation mode, however, but the doll he carried with him around 1313 Mockingbird Lane and ultimately to bed at night for a sound restful sleep. More description as follows:

“22” tall plush stuffed doll recreation of the second version Woof Woof doll carried by Butch Patrick’s character Eddie Munster of the classic TV show “The Munsters” and in the “Munster Go Home” feature film… This doll comes w/COA signed by Butch Patrick himself in blue ink and notes that this doll is 56 of 100.”

Appearing with a hand-painted head and human hair, this doll comes complete with lime green pajamas and a red/green plaid bathrobe. And to have the original Eddie Munster himself Butch Patrick sign this piece? What a find!! All you need to do to take this doll home is give me Eddie’s middle name!

(no caption) (no caption) (no caption) (no caption) (no caption) (no caption)


(no caption)

My favorite all-time basketball player, nay… sports athlete ever. The Franchise. From the legendary 1993-94 season when the Knicks made it all the way to The NBA Finals only to come short thanks to The OJ Chase and Starks going… y’know what, let’s not talk about it… This jersey should come with extra broad shoulders because Ewing carried that team all through his career since being picked No. 1 back in 1985. In fact…. no one gets to part with this gift… IT’S ALL MINE!! GO BUY YOUR OWN!!

(no caption) (no caption) (no caption) (no caption) (no caption)


(no caption)

The actual value of this item should be marked as priceless…  This photo montage c. 1920 has been mounted and professionally framed. I have to let Hake’s speak on the rest of this masterwork:

“While this piece features many legendary players and HOF members, it is dominated by Louis Santop, leading us to believe it may have been done specifically for him. Santop has the largest single image on the piece located dead center and he appears a total of 13 other times around this, not counting his inclusion on several of the team photos that appear on the top and bottom margins. These teams are (left to right)top: 1916 St. Louis Giants, 1919 Royal Giants, 1913 Female Giants; bottom: 1919 Bacharach Giants, 1911 St. Louis Giants, 1912 Lincoln Giants, American Giants. The other individual player images include Pop Lloyd, Rube Foster, Smokey Joe Williams, Robert Gans, John Donaldson, William Pettus, Bruce Petway, Spottswood Poles, Frank Wickware, Dick Redding, Ashby Dunbar, Dizzy Dismukes, Willie Mallette, and others. The individual player images show them in a variety of uniforms with Breakers and Indianapolis ABC’s being the most represented.”

To own this is to own a piece of true Americana, as it represents hard work and unsung heroes who inspired many in this country to achieve our goals. It just got real misty in here…

(no caption) (no caption) (no caption) (no caption) (no caption) (no caption) (no caption) (no caption) (no caption) (no caption) (no caption) (no caption) (no caption) (no caption) (no caption) (no caption) (no caption) (no caption) (no caption) (no caption) (no caption) (no caption) (no caption)

and finally, someone’s leaving with a lunchbox!!

“V” METAL LUNCHBOX WITH THERMOS. (current bid: $100)

(no caption)

“V”… or as a young Mrs. Classick would call it… “V: The Final Visitor”… was a sci-fi mini-series and eventual TV series from the 1980’s about a race of aliens who visit and try to take over the Earth. The startling secret behind these human-looking (and in some cases, highly attractive! Helloooooo Diana!) alien visitors is that underneath their outward skin they are really sinister reptiles. This cool 1983 lunchbox captures some of the characters and images from the show, including the awesome ships, the reptile face of The Visitors, aliens Diana (played by Jane Badler) and Barbara (Jenny Neumann) and Resistance Fighters Mike Donovan (“The Beastmaster” himself, Marc Singer) and Juliet Parrish (Faye Grant). An enjoyable and useful collector’s item for the 80’s kid in all of us!

(no caption) (no caption) (no caption) (no caption)

Well, I hope you enjoy the wonderful parting gifts provided during your visit to STATELY CLASSICK MANOR! Feel free to drop by again soon, as I’ll replenish my shelves with even more cool items from Hake’s Americana and Collectibles. Hey, why not visit them yourselves and see what else they have up for bid?
Until next time, HI HO SILVER… AWAYYYYY!!!!

hakes auction 208

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  1. HowardtheDeck says:

    Awesome haul!

  2. Kevin Hellions says:

    Shit, I missed the Munsters doll. I may have wanted that one too. Great picks.

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