Classic Cold Slither Podcast Episode 48: Cereal Killas!

Part of a nutritious, balanced podcast!

From Fruit Loops to Cap’n Crunch, Rice Krispies, Fruity Pebbles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Mr. T Cereal and everything in between!

Joined by first-time guest and cereal connoisseur Tr3y__ and returning guest and pop culture blogger William Bruce West, the crew talks about breakfast cereals from the past and present and eventually try to narrow down the field to determine THE GREATEST CEREAL OF ALL TIME!

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Discussed in this episode:

  • Favorite cereals growing up
  • Cereal mascots (best, worst)
  • Memorable cereal ads
  • Wacky/limited edition cereals
  • Grown folks cereals
  • Have cereals gotten better or worse since we were kids?
  • The Worst cereals, then and now
  • The Best cereals, then and now
  • Best cereal line
  • WHAT IS THE GREATEST CEREAL OF ALL-TIME (vote in our listener poll above)
  • CSNN
  • Sharkticon Pit
Who will make it out alive at the last breakfast?

Special thanks to our guests for joining us this week!



a.k.a. “Trey with a Y” a.k.a. Based Cookout God a.k.a. “Tr3yvid Stern” is a serial cereal eater who’s also a sports writer. He’s also a kick-ass Call of Duty zen master and the only guy to ever lock out his own fantasy league. He can be followed on twitter @RealTr3y


William Bruce West

“He’s Forgotten More About Pop Culture Than You’ll Ever Know…”

Returning guest William Bruce West is a blerd who enjoys Power Rangers and writes cool features like West Week Ever, Thrift Justice and the infamous Black History Month post over at his blog

Check out his online store Will’s World of Wonder at its NEW URL   … OR just click on the panel of toys to the right of this page!

Follow Will on twitter @williambwest

Also overheard in this episode:

  • Granah Weep Pah Titty Ball!!!
  • #BasedCookoutGod
  • Call of Duty
  • #MiGente
  • #Univision
  • #ChillyAppleTeaser
  • #ChillyTini
  • 20 Years of Power Rangers
  • Top 50 Sexy females of wrestling
  • The Marshmallow invasion
  • The Lucky Charms line-up
  • Snap Crackle Pop vs. the CTC bakers
  • Wendell, the lone CTC baker
  • #honeynutcheerios
  • Life and Mikey
  • #poprocksand7up
  • Dig ‘Em Frog = your drunk uncle
  • #BiggMixx
  • #KingVitaman
  • Nintendo cereal came from Nerds cereal came from Triple Crunch
  • Breakfast with Barbie
  • C-3PO’s
  • Urkel-O’s
  • Ochocincos & Flutie Flakes
  • Smurfberry Crunch
  • Ghostbusters cereal
  • Does eating Wheaties even work?
  • #CerealMilk
  • #CerealPulp
  • “White Power Milk”
  • #Cerealdressing
  • Strawberry Quik + Frankenberry
  • Chocolate Milk + Frosted Flakes = Chocolate Ecstasy
  • #CrunchyNut
  • Clusters
  • Cracklin’ Oat Bran
  • Grape Nuts… expensive yogurt topping
  • #TreyvidStern and the Fantasy League Lockout
  • Best Pop-Tart flavor
  • #cerealscience
  • #MilkMathematics
  • #TheBowlTheory
  • Waffle Crisp
  • Giving cereal as gifts
  • Top Black Comic Book Characters
    and much much much much more!!

Tracks used in this episode:
“An Encore in Time” by 2 Mello from the upcoming mash-up album “Chrono Jigga” (
8_Bit_Hip_Hop_Rap_Instrumental_2012_Dubmood by OfficialDJDSign
“Cereal Mascot Therapy Session”
“Duran Duran – Rio (8 Bit Instrumental)”
“Gauntlet Instrumental NES” – Kriptonyte
“Nightmare on Elm Street_Hip Hop” – ptracking
+ some of our regular dope beats by Cordicon and Lee Treble!!

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“You Grew Up On It!”

4 Comments Add yours

  1. HowardtheDeck says:

    Halfway through this MARATHON episode and love it so far as always. Gonna have to wait to see if work approves my time off request to listen to the second half.. I KID!

  2. Had to roll with Cinnamon Toast Crunch as my favorite of the final choices. I easily kept a box of that in my pantry for years when it came out in the mid 80s.

  3. 5 stars from me, gentlemen! Wonderful episode. I laughed my ass off several times and I had at least 3 great flashbacks. You can’t go wrong discussing the cereal selection from back in our day! This gotta be up there amongst my favorite episodes for sure. TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT FRUIT ISLAND CEREAL!!! Don’t care if it’s considered racist, I loved that stuff! A YUMMA YUMMA!!!

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