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Hey folks, just a quick recap of what’s been going on with the CSP crew as far as each of our podcast, projects, appearances and other stuff. Feel free to click the links below and leave comments at any and all of these fine sites!

“Clec & Classick” discuss The Worst of 80’s & 90’s pop culture on a very special Podcast EDP!

This would’ve been a screenshot of the actual gameplay, but no one deserves that level of torture!

Tune in as eclectik welcomes this week’s guest Classick to the 25th episode of  The Eclectik Discussion Podcast (@PodcastEDP) to talk about “The Worst”. All sorts of terrible movies, video games, TV shows, music, fashions, fads and dances are discussed. Plus a session of eclectik’s infamous “The Fifth” which you don’t wanna miss. What “lengths” would Classick go for the sake of his beloved New York Jets and New York Mets?

Listen and find out!

More of Classick on the latest GameEnthus Podcast ep 116: Solid Snake Drive or The “Office” Wii

Classick dreams of running through restaurant’s kitchens. Tiny thinks that The Hangover is better than The Other Guys. Mike finally sees The Avengers. BigRob salivates over the new Nexus phones. Lastly, Aaron plans for his anniversay  and complains about Luigi’s Mansion. We also discuss things like PBS, video game music, Harry Potter, Equilibrium, Jeff Goldblum, Nat Turner, Disney/Lucas purchase, Hypontenuse, Ninja Crash, iamrece, Team Devil Games, Bioshock 2, Assassins Creed 3, Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Double Dragon Neon and more.

Listen to the show here

Also, read up on their highly informative blog here

The KLIQ Nation vs. Horror Movies + Tim has been gettin his Roger Ebert-on with comic books lately.

Tim Dogg‘s The KLIQ Nation podcast dropped their 27th episode this week. Hear them take on all manner of monsters, murderers, ghouls, ghosts and scary looking pro wrasslers in “The KLIQ Nation vs. Horror Movies“.

I’m already scared…

Also, while you’re visting, be sure to check out Tim’s comic book reviews. Forming a great partnership with Pop Culture Network, Tim gives his insight and opinions on some current (and future) comic book releases (spoiler-free, of course). Read up before hitting up your local comic shop!

A+X #1 cover
Before reading A+X #1, check out what Tim Dogg has to say about it over at!


Friends of the CSP = New Music! Award Winners! Vote TBGWT!

Not exactly our projects, but we love to toot the horns of our friends (sounds personal) whenever we can because, damn it!! We Care!!!! Check ’em out if you will…

Lee Treble: Amateur Genius

Amatuer Genius cover art

The man who’s supplied us with background beats since our inception and super producer extraordinaire Lee Treble has done it again. Check out his newest release, Amateur Genius. Basically it sounds like “if Daft Punk and Foreign Exchange had a baby“. But hey, it’s free to download!! Please leave a donation if you enjoy it.

Listen to/Download Lee Treble: Amateur Genius over at

New Nerd Ferg! Quarantine: The Three Day Project by Defakto + Nerd Ferg

Quarantine: The Three Day Project cover art

The newest release by rappers Defakto and former guest of the Cold Slither Podcast Nerd Ferguson. The two collaborate on this album which only took three days to record! Enjoy tracks like Magnum Cum Laude, Lurker, Pizza Party (featuring Arlene Marie) & Don’t Friend Zone Me. Quarantine is also free to download, but please leave a donation if you enjoy it.

Listen to/Download Quarantine: The Three Day Project over at

Congrats to all 2012 Black Weblog Award winners! Support TBGWT getting a Stitcher Radio Award!

We’d like to congratulate a few of our friends who have won 2012 Black Weblog Awards.

Former guest and highly productive tweeter Feminista Jones won for Best Writing in a Blog.

Friend of the podcast, future guest and host of Operation Cubicle podcast Shareef Jackson won for Best Science or Technology Blog.

Including Shareef, the ladies and gents of the Nerdgasm Noire Network won for Best Group Blog.

The blog behind the awesome Summer of 8-Bit series we featured a few months back, 8-Bit Animal won for Best Gaming or Comics Blog.

Please reach out to each of them to offer your congratulations and visit their blogs if you can.

Also, shout-out to our friends at Ring Time Pro Wrestling, who should have won Best Sports Blog, but got shafted. 2013!!

Vote for The Black Guy Who Tips as Best Original Show in the 2012 Stitcher Awards

Vote TBGWT for a 2012 Stitcher Award!

Finally, please show some love to one of the shows that inspired our show, The Black Guy Who Tips podcast, by voting for them in the 2012 Stitcher Awards.

They are a finalist in the “Most Original Show” category and we are very proud of Rod & Karen for getting down to the final six podcasts worldwide…

But damn it they deserve MORE!!

Let’s all VOTE them as the greatest original show in all the land! You can vote once a day until Monday, November 5th, so make it count and click on through!
The Stitcher smart radio app not required to vote, so let’s beat The Dinner Party and Smodcast Fat Man on Batman and make TBGWT Number One!!

Vote for The Black Guy Who Tips on Stitcher .com!

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