Trippin’ on Zion [The League]

Come journey below the earth’s surface with me in the latest assignment for The League of Extraordinary Bloggers:

Take a trip to anywhere in pop culturedom. What fictional town, time, or world would you want to visit?

Considering I’ve been watching a lot of The Matrix Trilogy on cable lately, I figure why not go to the most ethnically diverse yet grungiest place IN Earth?

Welcome to Zion!!

Located four kilometers below the surface of the Earth, Zion is an underground celebration of human civilization… hell, it’s the LAST human civilization on Earth, unless you prefer to stay jacked in to “The Grid” (wait, wrong movie!) while immersed in black cocoon juice. After the United Nations attacked machine civilization Zero One with nukes and after Operation Dark Storm, the only answer to “Hey, where’s the party at?” is undoubtedly Zion City.

While there, take a tour of “The Dock”, where such famous ships like The Hammer, The Logos and The Nebuchadnezzar (when it’s not off chasing after The One and crackpot prophecies) refuel.

Or maybe swing by Council Chambers and get you some illogical yet prophetically dependent wisdom from the Zion Council, featuring Cornel (no relation to Kanye) West.

We realize our defenses are weakened and we might all die by the middle of the movie, but have you heard anything new from Neo?

Get inspired by a rousing speech given by Morpheus, who you might also know from his performances as Furious Styles, Ike Turner, Professor Maurice Phipps and soon to be The Black Perry White!

Spend your sleepless nights nestled in the comfort of our two-star living quarters, filled with enough post-apocalyptic decor to give you that authentic “Welp! This is all we have left!” feel!

Hey girl, you like the decor? I call it “Disaster Shui”

Whatever you do, don’t listen to this guy!!

Do all architects wear white suits? I’m in the wrong profession!

Up for some action? Remember that dock from before? Now we need you to defend it against the machines!!! No worries, you can command one of our bitchin’ Robotech-inspired, ripped off from the Aliens movie, later to-be-ripped off by Avatar APU’s!

Mechs with guns… greatest postcard ever!

But after all them bullets, carnage and destruction, what’s left to do next??

Nona Gaye… just because…

Well, that’s easy….


Ain’t no party like a Zion party, because… well… Nona Gaye…

Um… you might wanna carry some extra sticks of deodorant and a can or two of Febreze, however. Not much ventilation down here…


Well, that’s my submission for this week’s edition of The League of Extraordinary Bloggers. Like what you’ve read? The comments are further down the page, add yours!

willy wonka chocolate factory

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Oh, and just because you demanded it, here’s Will Ferrell in The Matrix parody from MTV…

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Victoria says:

    Considering that humanity is teetering on the brink of extinction, Zion really knows how to throw a good party.

  2. Fun choice. Although I agree about the ventilation part…maybe if it was one of those foam parties using like Axe body wash, I might consider. LOL.

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