Episode 39: Marvel NO!!

Season 3 continues and the guys waste no time in rolling out another full-on freestyle episode, discussing anything and everything they can think of, including rants on iOS6, last week’s “Replacements” and the reboot/remake/relaunch wave that has hit comics lately.

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A vs. X revealed Cyclops to be the SOB that we all thought he was..

Don’t believe us? Here’s a rundown of what we talked about:

Addressing “The Replacements”
Acknowledging @idamienjackson
Band of Vipers Fantasy Football League update
“I Am Angry Asian Guy”
Call The CSP voicemail hotline (331-6-VIPERS)
More of how we spent our summer: G.I Joe Retaliation, Marvel’s The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises – why eclectik didn’t like it, Amazing Spider-Man
Justice League movie ideas
Kat’s Dennings
How Hollywood botches comic book movies (Hello new readers!)
Mrs. Garrett makin it rain in the strip club
What the hell is Dancing Bear?
Halloween costume ideas
New TV shows
NFL update
Replacement refs debate
Podcasts we enjoy
“Eyes Wide Shut” party

Marvel NOW…

A vs X
Young Justice
Avengers animated relaunch
“The opposite of the best Spidey cartoon ever”
How is Rent-a-Center still in business?
Brent from Georgia – Fountain City Classic hype

CSNN: Guardians of the Galaxy movie, iOS6, New Uncanny X-Men animated series?, Double Dragon Neon reaction from twitter (ShareefJackson), Marvel NOW! news: Captain America, Wolverine, Uncanny X-Men ending, Amazing Spider-Man ending with issue #700 – something’s supposed to happen

Cold Slither Mailbag (featuring Shanita Jackson from Biloxi, Mississippi): Cordicon, Tatum216

Sharkticon Pit: iOS6, Marvel NOW? How about Marvel NO!!!

Shout out to the NE Podcast!  Check out that fine show at http://cordicon.org/NEPodcast.html


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Enjoy this classic episode via our free CSP Archive! Download, listen and tell a friend (or foe)!

Thank you for listening to the Cold Slither Podcast!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Davenappy says:

    I am not Angy Asian Guy. I am looking forward to Marvel Now to help me whittle down my reading list. We’ll see where Dan Slott takes Amazing Spider-Man. He’s had a pretty good run.

    1. You haven’t been angry since high school, Dave! I agree, Slott does offer a glimmer of hope for ole Webhead, given his track record. But I wonder how long he’ll be around after the relaunch?

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