Tim Dogg and Classick appear on the NE Podcast to talk comics, movies, etc.

NEPodcast: E.P 003
Cold Slither, The Kliq Nation, Comics and more!

We talk about so much stuff, between Marvel NOW! vs. DC’s New 52, arcade games, pinball games, Expendables 2, Karate Kid I vs. II endings, New Jack City, 90’s fashion, Blackeyed Peas, Toy Hunter, Kenner… look, just know that we were out of control!

Check out these kind words from Cordicon over at NE Podcast:

@Timdogg98  host of The Kliq Nation Podcast at http://www.thekliqnation.com/ is here with friend and colleague @ClassickMateria another great podcaster host of Cold Slither Podcast at http://coldslitherpodcast.com/ . Both of these guys Classick and Timdogg98 can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Stitcher, iTunes an I’m sure tons more also. If ya dig bookmark their web sites if you hadn’t already to stay up to date! Thanks for listening

“Cohost” DiRT from the Pop Culture Network and Cordicon from Cordicon.org  had great time talking about Comics movies toys, anything pop related.

We had a blast chatting it up with Cordicon and DiRT! Please make sure you check out the NE Podcast, and let them know how much you enjoyed the show!

Tune in to the NE Podcast every week!

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