Double Dragon Neon is released (UPDATE)

Yeah, I know right… another remake???!!! But this year marks the 25th anniversary of when Billy and Jimmy Lee set out to bust heads and take names in order to rescue the damsel in distress Marian (who was she dating anyway? Billy? Jimmy? BOTH??? let’s not judge…)

This has a lot of the same moves, look and feel of the original, only with updated graphics and designs. I like that they kept the 80s theme throughout, and yeah, the neon lighting is rather cheesy, but if today’s graphics were around in the 80s, this would probably be the final product.

Game trailer via IGN

Oh, and Abobo looks even more menacing in this version. If you recall how geeked I was over Abobo’s Big Adventure, you know I jumped all over this when it finally dropped this month.

*Full review of this game is forthcoming*
This lends to a quick recap of all the Double Dragon games since 1987. List of links below for your enjoyment (arcade unless otherwise specified):

Double Dragon

Double Dragon II: The Revenge

Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stone

Super Double Dragon (Super NES)

Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls (Super NES)

Double Dragon (Neo Geo)

Oh, and let’s not forget the Double Dragon comic book, animated series and of course the live-action feature film with Scott Wolf (“Party of Five”), Mark Dacascos (“Only the Srong”, “Iron Chef America”), Robert Patrick (“T2”, “The X-Files”) and the unforgettable Alyssa Milano (“Who’s The Boss?”, “Charmed”, many a wet dre…. er… nevermind!)

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