What’s up with The Cold Slither Podcast crew? New Hotline, appearances & then some!

The CSP crew has been off for a good chunk of the summer! Since our season two finale, there hasn’t been much in the way of podcast episodes (not counting the one or two ‘specials’) and the crew’s been off on summer vacation and other adventures. Here’s a quick recap to get you up  to speed on what’s been happening!

Before we start, however…

The Cold Slither Podcast Hotline is now open! Give us a call at (331) 6-VIPERS!

The CSP Hotline! (331) 6-VIPERS

Many listeners have been asking how they can leave us voice mails so that they can be heard on the show. Now YOU can leave us feedback, share your candidates for The Sharkticon Pit, or just simply say hi to the Cold Slither Podcast crew! As we possibly return for Season 3, we’ll include more listener interaction in future episodes.

Call The CSP Hotline at (331) 6-VIPERS, that’s (331) 684-7377, and leave us a voice message

Classick confronts Rashanii, calamity ensues, podcast recorded as evidence

“Nemesis” – Classick meets Rashanii on the latest Single Simulcast

Check out the latest edition of Rashanii’s show, Single Simulcast (your favorite podcaster’s favorite podcast!). This one’s appropriately titled “Nemesis”, as Classick and Rashanii finally sit down to settle their long-standing inter-podcast feud. The topic shifts into comics, comic movies, food, politics, football, 9/11 and other stuff. There is also a quick appearance by the young Howard Finkel of podcasting DJ, plus popular Single Simulcast segments Missed Connections, Meet an Inmate and Funny Reviews!

Listen to Single Simulcast Episode 71: Nemesis

Classick puts in double-duty, also appearing on All Balls Don’t Bounce, Episode Luther “Shark” LaVay

“For a million dollars, I will shake like a coconut on a tree if I got to!”

Our host Classick also had the honor of appearing on one of his favorite sports podcasts, All Balls Don’t Bounce. Hosts “Wall $treet” Will Strickland and Dwayne “Sweets” Watson have been on an episode of the CSP before, so it was great of them to extend their show to Classick. All types of fun was had talking about current sports topics like Lance Armstrong, college football, the excess of high-school football in Texas, the NFL referee lockout, the landscape in boxing and UFC, Hoops Hall of Famers and much, much more! Take a listen, and let Wall Street and Sweets know what you think of the show!

Listen to All Balls Don’t Bounce Episode 58: The Veil of Opulence


#EDP – Argyle Dick Pattern … The Fantasy Draft

On a very special episode of Eclectik’s show, The Eclectik Discussion Podcast, we all assemble for the first annual #EDP Fantasy Football Draft!

The “Blood, Sweat and Beers” league gets under way with tons of picks and discussion of typical Eclectik-style randomness by way of Eclectik, Tim Dogg, Classick, @SockOfFleagulls from RediscoverThe80s.com, @P0LISHPHEN0M from The Title Pending Movie Podcast and @HowardtheDeck from UnderScoopFire.com! Who drafted the best team? What the hell do Coy and Vance, Toaster Strudels, Chairface Chippendale and Hologram Don Knotts have to do with it? Tune in and find out!!

Listen to #EDP – Argyle Dick Pattern … The Fantasy Draft

Also  stick around Eclectik’s show to hear him talk about the TV show “Martin” with one of the foxiest of foxes, returning guest @SlimJay_ and stay for their overtime session!

The KLIQ Nation loves the 90’s, especially Hip Hop and R&B


Join Tim Dogg’s crew The KLIQ Nation on a trip down memory lane to revisit their favorite music of the 90′s.  Timdogg, Adam Black, Mista Bamf, Leroy Jetstream and Brandy from BLR Productions share their favorite artists, songs, videos, and memories from that awesome decade.

Listen to The KLIQ Nation Podcast Ep. 20: I Love The 90s, Hip Hop and R&B Edition

Stick around for more KLIQ Nation shows as they have an epic crossover with the General Geekery Cast as well as rant on the Olympics, Marvel NOW! and other stuff!

Also on the way– more appearances, more articles, and even more podcasts??? Will the CSP return for Season 3? Will the line-up be the same? Stay tuned right here on coldslitherpodcast.com!

*Top image provided by @Kap_L at Aquaman Shrine! Give their site a visit, it’s AWESOME!!!

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