Nintendo Power is shutting down…. Long Live Nintendo Power!

Nintendo Power is the official monthly magazine of Nintendo. Launched 24 years ago this summer, it’s been just as vital to the legacy of gaming and pop culture as the 8-bit NES system itself and the numerous video games it covered. Nintendo Power provided much-needed previews, reviews, tips, tricks, hints, maps, comic strips and even more surrounding the world of Nintendo that many of us grew up immersed in. It spawned several rival video gaming publications, including GamePro and Electronic Gaming Monthly both launched a year later in 1989, and introduced us to strategy guides, The Nintendo Power Awards and even a mascot named Nester.

Sadly, news broke last week that Nintendo will not renew their license with Future Publishing, the mag’s publishers since 2007, and will publish its final issue this December.

The first issue of Nintendo Power, circa 1988.

In a current era of videogame websites, youtube videos and social networks, print magazines like Nintendo Power have grown obsolte. Rivals GamePro and EGM have both pulled the plug on their mags years ago. Still, a lot of us would have had much worse gaming experiences if not for having that copy of Nintendo Power on hand. Whether you got it on your own from the newsstand, by subscription or from a friend, it was THE source for maps for games like The Legend of Zelda or strategy and walkthroughs for games like Castlevania or the dreaded Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Nintendo Power was where I first learned about the stages in Ninja Gaiden (and perfected the technique of slashing the annoying eagle on the first try!) Nintendo Power was where we first learned about Super Mario Bros. 3, Simon’s Quest, Battletoads, Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest, The Power Glove… you name it, it was in there!

Here are some of our favorites from Nintendo Power

Tips, Tricks and Nester!

How excited were you to open up the Table of Contents and see all these cool games featured? For me, let’s just say VERY!!
This Counselor’s Corner for CastleVania was completely necessary in a pre-internet existence.
Top picks of NES games from the Player’s Forum section
Stuck on the final bout in Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!?? Nintendo Power had you covered!
(image via
Who could forget the adventures of “Howard & Nester”?


One major element of the strategy guides were the many maps that were put into Nintendo Power. The publishers knew these games were difficult for the average kid, so these multi-page (sometimes gatefold or even centerfold!) maps were a lifesaver!

Check out this game map from the first Castlevania, from the NES Game Atlas
Trust us, you needed a map for Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest!
An overworld map from the second quest of the early NES classic The Legend of Zelda.
Here’s a map from the Super NES game Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (1992)
The strategy you needed to beat Super Mario Bros. 2


Enjoy this slideshow of various Nintendo Power mag covers from over the years. Can you spot any issues that you had?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Finally, here are some videos we found that give fitting tributes to the mag. We’ll miss Nintendo Power. Thanks for the memories!

Nintendo Power: The Nintendo Years Volumes 1-221

A Tribute to Nintendo Power Magazine (from

And for no other reason at all, check out this “Power Parody” of Kanye West’s hit record “Power”

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  1. Holy shit that was a great post, Classick, you very nicely captured the magic that was Nintendo Power. I had the vast majority of the issues in that flash montage. The Track n Field cover especially had a mystique to it that the lame-o game itself never could have matched. RIP NP, your legacy will live on.

  2. Thanks, General Geekery! Sad to see it go, however I’m not even sure what’s been covered in the last few years of NP, perhaps their Wii and Nintendo DS/3DS/GBA releases. More and more of print media is dying, so this was inevitable, but there’s no question how much of an impact Nintendo Power has had on pop culture.

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