Tube-a-Ruba II: Even more YouTube favorites!

We’re back with even more favorite videos from our YouTube adventures! But before we get started, let’s kick the theme song!

I don’t skydive, I don’t scuba
But I can really Tuba Ruba!

Nothing’s more fun than surfing YouTube for videos, and what better way to post our faves than to put them here in one place? Welcome to the second edition of our YouTube favorites, collected here for your enjoyment!

Eddie Murphy’s Bear and Rabbit Joke from Delirious

Comedy legend Eddie Murphy at the peak of his career. “Delirious” was like the year Michael Jordan shot the lights out against the Trailblazers in the finals and just shrugged at the end, it was that good.

This joke was funny as hell and it later set the stage for the opening skit joke for his second stand-up film “Raw” (shout-out to Deon Richmond, a.k.a. “Bud” from The Cosby Show)

Sidekicks – 80s TV action series with Gil Gerard and Ernie Reyes, Jr.

Recently, our good friends at UnderScoopFIRE did a podcast titled “Sidekicks” which, unfortunately, wasn’t about this epic 80’s show like I thought it would be, but about the greatest sidekicks in history, ranging from Dr. Watson to Mister Spock and everyone in between. But if we’re talking 80s sidekicks, you can go no further than this short-lived action series, which paired middle-aged Sgt. Jake Rizzo (played by Gil Gerard, of Buck Rogers fame) with fast-kicking child phenom Ernie Lee (played by Ernie Reyes, Jr. of The Last Dragon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Surf Ninjas fame… yes, I said Surf Ninjas!). The show was a spin-off of a one-time Disney Channel special “The Last Electric Knight” where Ernie Lee was introduced as the last heir to a martial arts clan. The pairing was a forebear to such cop-and-karate pairings we later saw in the “Rush Hour” series of films. This series lasted 23 episodes on The Disney Channel and ABC back in 1986-7.

And here’s a clip of Ernie kicking the crap out of a rogue street gang led by acting great Don Cheadle! Also notice the presence of one Jason Hervey, who’s well known among Wonder Years and WCW & TNA wrestling fans.

DJ Red Alert oldskool mastermix from 98.7 KISS FM

Rap music, hip hop culture and every iteration of it was born in New York City. This is indisputable, and a few weeks ago NYC experienced the end of an era when one of its flagship radio stations, 98.7 KISS FM, was bought out by ESPN Radio and thus having its format changed to sports talk. After 30 years of playing rap, hip hop, R&B and everything in between, KISS was at the forefront of the rap explosion that occured in the 80’s. The intense rivalry between KISS and another station on the end of the dial, 107.5 WBLS FM, was the backdrop for “The Bridge Wars” that introduced the world to Boogie Down Productions (rest in peace to DJ Scott La-Rock) & KRS-One, MC Shan, DJ Marley Marl, Mister Magic (RIP), The Juice Crew and most of all Kool DJ Red Alert, who, if you ask me, is THE elder statesman of hip hop. Check out this vintage mastermix from 1985, which has a little bit of everything in it.

Fortunately for Red and for all of NYC, a lot of the staff and talent at KISS have merged with their long-time rival station WBLS to continue on. KISS may not live any longer in New York, but the impact it has had will live on forever.

High Feather opening theme song

One common thread across most nostalgia with me is that I recall certain theme music or sounds from various TV shows and films. I’ve never actually sat through an episode of “High Feather”. The show was an educational series that focused on kids at a summer camp. It aired on PBS and was filmed and produced by the New York State Education Department. I remember that it came on PBS back in the 80’s either before or after one of my more favorite shows 3-2-1- Contact, however the only thing I could remember was the opening theme song, which was DOPE!!! Check it out in all its 80’s splendor, then wonder why no rappers or producers have tried to sample it yet….

The Pointer Sisters – Automatic

The Pointer Sisters are musical legends. This family of singing sisters cranked out several hits like “Jump“, “Neutron Dance“, “Slow Hand“, “He’s So Shy” and the world infamous “I’m So Excited” (shout-out to Jessie Spano!). I LOVED The Pointer Sisters and still do to this very day (rest in peace to Bonnie, June and Anita), but for years I used to hear this song on the radio and did not connect it to The Pointer Sisters. At some point I asked a friend of mine “Yo man, who’s the dude that sings this, I wanna get the record!” and my friend put me to shame when he said “Fool! That’s The Pointer Sisters!”

Yes, eldest sister Ruth Pointer, with her deeper than usual voice, sang lead vocals on this track. I couldn’t tell from the radio that it was her, but I’ll tell you that this track had regular airplay back in 1985 and still bumps to this day. Automatic won a Grammy award for Best Vocal Arrangement for Two or More Voices that year and with good reason!

The NBA… where 8-Bit happens. Street Sports Basketball

Funny thing while doing a bit of preparation for our recent NBA 80’s/90’s nostalgia episode with the crew at All Balls Don’t Bounce, I ran across these two videos, the first I thought was a funny take on the “NBA… Where Amazing Happens.” campaign from a few years back– the other the opening theme music and screens from one of my old C64 games Street Sports Basketball. Enjoy!

Sampled Beats – The Jetsons Theme Remix

A few episodes into our WrassleCast series (check it out on Tumblr!), I was searching for original remixes to familiar wrestler entrance themes to use as bumpers for the show. There was one guy on YouTube whose cuts were fantastic! He had some dope remixes of themes for Kane, Bret Hart, John Cena, Zack Ryder, etc., but a look into his YouTube channel found a few other gems, including this funky take on the theme song to The Jetsons. Huge shout-out to Frostbite12211983!!

Roman Moronie

In the 80’s, Michael Keaton was a huge megastar. The comedic Mr. Mom who later went on to become the first ever big screen Batman starred in 1984’s Johnny Dangerously, a spoof on 20’s gangster films that featured Peter Boyle, Danny DeVito, Dom DeLuise, Joe Piscopo and the extra foxy Marilu Henner (who can still… oh, nevermind). But the guy who stole the show was Richard Dimitri, who played Roman Troy Moronie, the rival to Johnny’s mentor in the film. Apparently Roman has either a conscience about or trouble with expressing foul language, because he spends most of his screen time botching up curse words…

Rest in Peace to the Bee-Gees’ Robin Gibb…

Here’s his solo performance from the “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” movie.


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