Episode 32: Double Dribble… The NBA in the 80’s and 90’s feat. All Balls Don’t Bounce

For our 32nd episode, also referred to as Episode Magic Johnson, we welcome the hosts of All Balls Don’t Bounce and TSN Radio 1 on 1 Podcast, “Wall $treet” Will Strickland and Duane “Sweets” Watson. We are honored to have the Weapons of Media Deconstruction join us as we look back on professional basketball in the NBA, first in the 1980’s and then in the 1990’s. In each decade we discuss the most memorable rivalries, games, Finals and players as well as review feedback from our listeners for each decade.

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Mentioned in this episode…
Clair Bee
one-handed push shot
Hank Luisetti
coin flip
Sam Bowie
Moses Malone
Robert Parrish
Darryl Dawkins
NBA Rivalries
Nicknames and Pseudo-nicknames
What if twitter was around in the 80s?
Mr. Show
Chuck Person v. Larry Bird
Jordan v. Nique dunk contest 1988
80s hair care products
Converse Weapons commercial
Jack Sikma and the evolution of footwork
White lines
Marv Albert and Matt Guokas
Pat Riley
Mutombo crying freedom
David Robinson’s fraudulent MVP & scoring title
F*ck Karl Malone
Dennis Rodman

All Balls Don’t Bounce is a sports and entertainment media content collective. They provide a one stop source for insight, commentary and analysis on sports culture and lifestyle. Powered by Will “Wall $t.” Strickland and Duane “Sweets” Watson.

Tumblr: http://allballsdontbounce.tumblr.com/

Podcast: http://allballsdontbounce.podomatic.com/ (also available in the iTunes store and on Stitcher radio!)

ABDB Presents: http://allballsdontbouncepresents.com/

Twitter: @ABDBMEDIA, @WallStrizzzle1, @byDuaneWatson

Will and Duane also co-host the TSN Radio 1 on 1 Podcast, where they talk about basketball on a regular basis. Check them out via the TSN PodcastCentre!

Twitter: @TSNRadio1on1

Facebook: http://facebook.com/tsnradio1on1

Lakers vs. Celtics, Magic vs. Bird defined the 80’s…
Chuck Person vs. Larry Bird
Bulls vs. Knicks… heck, ANYONE vs. The Knicks was the real rivalry of the 90’s. (Jordan jumped in this photo…)

Converse Weapon shoe ad: 80’s all-stars rappin!

Double Dribble

Jordan vs. Nique – 1988 Dunk Contest

1994 playoffs: 8th seed Denver Nuggets Upset 1st seed Seattle Supersonics

Shouts-out to our twitter followers Meistershake, ShareefJackson, TeamHellions, Count_Marzo and of course Brent from Georgia (BL_d2nd) for their submissions and feedback on this week’s Sharkticon Pit! Follow the brand new official podcast’s @Sharkticon_Pit account on twitter!

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Enjoy this classic episode via our free CSP Archive! Download, listen and tell a friend (or foe)!!

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. mlacey91 says:

    Best rivalry of the 80’s = Sixers vs Celtics. Dr. J popping Larry Bird in the mouth. CLASSIC!

    1. Yeah, that one was certainly up there, no question!

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