The Best and Worst of Voice Sampling in Video Games [YouTube]

Found this video on YouTube the other day. Some of our favorites from the old days made the best and worst lists. Back then, it was rather groundbreaking to play a video game and hear actual human voices in it, even if they were, well…. suspect at times.


The Best and Worst of Voice Sampling in Video Games – YouTube

What are some of your memories of voice samples in video games? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Kastytis says:

    Tim Curry’s break through role was Rocky Horror. He was also in Clue and Congo and is the kind of guy who turns up in guest rolls on tv alot.James Woods did have a whole eiospde of the simpsons and then several eiospdes on Family Guy. His best known role is probably Mississippi Burning.Interestingly the guy who played Booger is a regular voice actor on American Dad (another Seth McFarlane show).I could not agree more about the online passcodes, they’ve got like a bazillion possible permutations with the length of those codes.Two famous cat women, one WAS Eartha Kitt, the other was Julie Newmar, who’s name is familiar from Two wong fu, thanks for all the memories, Julie Newmar which you’ll remember was the Swayze, Snipes, Leguizamo in drag movie.I can see you as Robo Cop, ChasYeah if Battlefield reaches a critical game mass, then it’ll kill Gears which would suck, cuz i bought Gears.I’m pretty sure the pandarin were in WarCraft3, too.

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