SLITHER MADNESS HAS BEGUN!!! Round 1 polls are open. You vote the winners!

It’s SLITHER MADNESS!! hosted by the Cold Slither Podcast!

Yes folks, SLITHER MADNESS is finally here! Special thanks to those of you who have placed your bracket predictions on our site. We wish each of you the best of luck as you try to capture one of our awesome prizes. But now, we dance! The polls are open and everyone can cast a vote!

Like the NCAA’s March Madness tournament, our field of 64 has been split up among four regions. And just like the TV networks provide coverage of the tourney on various channels, so too have we hosted our special SLITHER MADNESS regional matchups across various sites across our network!

Click on the links below to CAST YOUR VOTES within each region.

SLITHER MADNESS Tournament Regions:

Click to vote in the Comic Books region
hosted by The KLIQ Nation (

Click to vote in the Wrasslin’ region
hosted by Ring Time Pro Wrestling (

Click to vote in the TV/Film region
hosted by Eclectik Relaxation (

Click to vote in the Video Games region
hosted by Classick Material (

Just a reminder, each region’s polls are limited to just one vote per person. If you have a prediction bracket and are looking to see your selections win, best way is to tell one or more of your friends (or foes) to vote for your favorites. If on twitter, use the hashtag #SLITHERMADNESS.

Here’s a recap of the combatants in each region:


Comic books region (hosted on

1 Batman vs 16 Daredevil, 2 Superman vs 15 Green Goblin, 3 Thor vs 14 Doctor Doom, 4 Spider-man vs 13 Deadpool, 5 Hulk vs 12 Wolverine, 6 Iron Man vs 11 Captain America, 7 Green Lantern vs 10 The Joker, 8 Wonder Woman vs 9 Magneto



Bret Shawn

Wrasslin region (hosted on

1 John Cena vs 16 Dusty Rhodes, 2 Triple H vs15 Ultimate Warrior, 3 Undertaker vs 14 Macho Man, 4 Hulk Hogan vs 13 Eddie Guerrero, 5 Chris Jericho vs 12 Steve Austin, 6 Shawn Michaels vs 11 Bret Hart, 7 The Rock vs 10 Ric Flair, 8 Sting vs 9 C.M. Punk 



TV/Film region (hosted on

1 He-Man vs 16 Destro, 2 Neo (The Matrix) vs 15 Storm Shadow, 3 Predator vs 14 Raphael (TMNT), 4 Darth Vader vs 13 Snake Eyes, 5 Lion-O vs 12 Cobra Commander, 6 Optimus Prime vs 11 Leonardo (TMNT), 7 Megatron vs 10 Voltron, 8 Luke Skywalker vs 9 White Ranger


Simon Super Mario Crossover

Video games region (hosted on

1 Mario vs 16 Simon Belmont, 2 Akuma vs 15 Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden), 3 Ken (Street Fighter) vs 14 Cloud Strife, 4 Mega Man vs 13 Shinobi, 5 Master Chief vs 12 Sonic the Hedgehog, 6 Sephiroth vs 11 Sub Zero, 7 Ryu (Street Fighter) vs 10 Samus Aran (Metroid), 8 Link vs 9 Scorpion

Here’s your full bracket tracker, powered by CHALLONGE.COM!

For more details about the SLITHER MADNESS tournament, rules, prizes, bracket seedings and predictions, check out our previous SLITHER MADNESS post or check out our official Slither Madness bracket tracker on!


Special thanks to Eclectik, Tim Dogg, Keith Holt, Jr., Classick and their respective sites for hosting our tournament regions.

Also special thanks to Will’s’ World of Wonder, General Geekery Cast and D&J Toys for supplying the prizes for the bracket predictions contest.

And finally, thanks to YOU for participating! We hope you have a great time with us!

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