SLITHER MADNESS IS HERE!!! Place your prediction brackets now and win prizes!

It’s Slither Madness!! hosted by the Cold Slither Podcast!

Fill out your Slither Madness bracket predictions now to enter a contest to win awesome prizes!!

The Official Slither Madness Prediction Brackets are hosted on

Enter now for a chance to win prizes!!

Grand prize bracket prediction winner will receive a G.I. Joe Resolute Cobra Battle Set , along with up to two 25th anniversary GI Joe figures
Second prize bracket prediction wiinner will receive a G.I. Joe vehicle

Third bracket prediction winner will receive a dual deck of G.I. Joe/Cobra playing cards

All prizes to be selected and shipped from Will’sWorld of Wonder
*Prize selections subject to change based on availability.

When the tournament starts on Thursday, March 15th keep checking back here at Slither Madness Central for regular bracket updates!!

Do you have what it takes to become the Slither Madness Champion?

Participating sites:

Slither Madness is a tournament pitting awesome characters against one another in a 64 man (including a woman or two) single elimination death-match to determine who is the awesomest character of all! Regions have been created to capture characters from Comic Books, Wrasslin’, TV & Film (including cartoons), and finally, Video Games.

All rounds will be scored by way of public voting. Only one vote per person, so if you need to gather your friends and spread the word so you have a better chance at a winning bracket!

Seeded participants and first-round pairings by region are as follows:


Comic books region (to be hosted on

1 Batman vs 16 Daredevil, 2 Superman vs 15 Green Goblin, 3 Thor vs 14 Doctor Doom, 4 Spider-man vs 13 Deadpool, 5 Hulk vs 12 Wolverine, 6 Iron Man vs 11 Captain America, 7 Green Lantern vs 10 The Joker, 8 Wonder Woman vs 9 Magneto



Bret Shawn

Wrasslin region (to be hosted on

1 John Cena vs 16 Dusty Rhodes, 2 Triple H vs15 Ultimate Warrior, 3 Undertaker vs 14 Macho Man, 4 Hulk Hogan vs 13 Eddie Guerrero, 5 Chris Jericho vs 12 Steve Austin, 6 Shawn Michaels vs 11 Bret Hart, 7 The Rock vs 10 Ric Flair, 8 Sting vs 9 C.M. Punk 



TV/Film region (to be hosted on

1 He-Man vs 16 Destro, 2 Neo (The Matrix) vs 15 Storm Shadow, 3 Predator vs 14 Raphael (TMNT), 4 Darth Vader vs 13 Snake Eyes, 5 Lion-O vs 12 Cobra Commander, 6 Optimus Prime vs 11 Leonardo (TMNT), 7 Megatron vs 10 Voltron, 8 Luke Skywalker vs 9 White Ranger



Simon Super Mario Crossover

Video games region (to be hosted on

1 Mario vs 16 Simon Belmont, 2 Akuma vs 15 Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden), 3 Ken (Street Fighter) vs 14 Cloud Strife, 4 Mega Man vs 13 Shinobi, 5 Master Chief vs 12 Sonic the Hedgehog, 6 Sephiroth vs 11 Sub Zero, 7 Ryu (Street Fighter) vs 10 Samus Aran (Metroid), 8 Link vs 9 Scorpion

The Official Slither Madness Prediction Brackets are hosted on!

Go there now to place your prediction! Best of luck to all competitors!


Rules and Details:

Fill out a complete Slither Madness prediction bracket on the Challonge site to enter the contest.
Any person filling out more than one bracket will be immediately disqualified!
The bracket with the most points , second most points and third most points will receive their corresponding prizes.
Actual bracket results will be decided by way of public polls posted across the participating sites listed below. Links to all polls will be accessible via the Slither Madness update posts on
The schedule of rounds for bracket prediction and tournament voting will be released as follows:

Thu Mar 8
Slither Madness Prediction Contest Registration, Selection Show –
Wed Mar 14
Slither Madness Prediction Brackets Registration Deadline, Slither Madness Rd. 1 opens
Sun Mar 18
Slither Madness Rd. 1 closes, Rd. 2 opens (field of 32)
Wed Mar 21
 Slither Madness Rd. 2 closes, Rd. 3 opens (sweet 16)
Sun Mar 25
 Slither Madness, Rd. 3 closes, Rd. 4 opens (Elite 8)
Wed Mar 28
 Slither Madness Rd. 4 closes, Semifinals open (Final 4)
Sun Apr 1
 Slither Madness Final Four Ends, Slither Madness Championship Begins
Thu Apr 5
Slither Madness Ends. Champion crowned, winner declared all during show recording (LIVE?)

Tournament match-up polls will be limited to one vote per browser cookie and IP address.
Attempts to bypass user voting to stuff the ballots will result in the disqualification of that offender’s bracket.
Members and contributors to the participating sites and podcasts are not elgible to participate in the contest.
Members/contributors may fill out bracket predictions, however their prediction bracket results will not be counted in the contest.
Podcast guests and regular site visitors, however, are eligible to participate in the contest.
Results of the Slither Madness champion and first, second and third prize-winning Slither Madness brackets will be revealed during recording of the Cold Slither Podcast on THURDSAY, APRIL 5TH BETWEEN 8PM-11PM EST. A possible live show is being planned, details to be shared on
Grand prize and Runner up winners will be contacted to arrange shipment of prizes.

Special thanks to our friends at and for their 80s Mustache Madness Challenge bracket tourney, which inspired much of the Slither Madness tourney. Please visit and register with their tournament as well, as you’ll have more chances to win even more prizes! Hashtag #MegaPowers. Also a huge thanks to Eclectik for putting this awesome tournament together and to he, Tim, Keith and Will for volunteering their sites for this awesome contest.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Howie says:

    Awesome bracket – I had a great time filling that out. LOT of TOUGH calls early on. Looking forward to updates, polls, and results!

    1. we had a tough time setting them up. and as for the seeding, well we went all scientifical with the google search results counts. It made for some tough calls, because some legends and major characters were relegated to lower seeds. Maybe we should have applied a strength of schedule formula to it? Ah, well, good times ahead!

      Thanks again for the support, Howie! Hey, maybe our Slither Madness champ can take on your Mustache Madness champ in a PPV exhibition in April? CHALLONGE!!

  2. Awesome stuff, definitely a tough call in the early rounds…

  3. NFCJD says:

    update the 3rd prize listing

  4. NFCJD says:

    P.S. I cannot wait to see who gets the most votes in all these matchups, especially the scarred up crackers Vader vs Snake Eyes 🙂

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