Retro Video Game of the moment: Street Surfer (1986)

Surf's up!.... on the highway?

I’ve played several games on the old Commodore 64, but few were as weird as Street Surfer! This game combines risky behavior with environmentally conscious objectives and is highlighted by a catchy Beach Boys-style soundtrack.

Let me break down a few facts about the game:

  • It’s a racing game, only you’re not racing a car, you’re on a skateboard on a two lane highway
  • Soft drinks are important to the game. You can pick up soda bottles from off of cars on the road– drinking soda replenishes your health
  • Empty bottles are collected after drinking the sodas or by picking up empties on the side of the road. You can cash in your empties for points at recycling bins every few miles.
  • The object of the game is to rack up as many points as possible and last as long as possible. You get points for both distance and empties cashed in.
  • Obstacles include potholes, offroad signs, chickens, trees, oh.. and actual cars on the road!
  • The game doesn’t have an ending. You play until you lose all your health, which, if you get really good, can last hours!
  • Did I mention you’re on a highway with traffic, while on a skateboard??

Here’s a quick-play video of the game

Hours of fun, Street Surfer was a precursor to the game Road Rash as well as some of the later risk-taking extreme sports that took off in the 90’s and beyond. But overall, this looks like the kind of stunt they would have pulled on MTV’s Jackass! show.

For more Street Surfer madness, check out this longer form video, including commentary

Street Surfer was designed by David Barbour with music composed by David Whittaker and was released in 1986 by Mastertronic.

Links for more info

Classick Material is a video game nostalgic, particularly games on the Commodore 64 home computer. He also co-hosts the Cold Slither Podcast and is now certifiably Lin-sane in the membrane.

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  1. Shareef says:

    Forget Road Rash – this reminds me of Hang On! That was one of my favorite games on the Sega Master System.

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