Operation: Get Stevie Ray is under way! [UPDATE! WrassleCast Hall of Fame induction]


The Cold Slither Podcast Crew and the WrassleCast All-Stars proudly announce the induction of tag team wrestling great, former Television Champion and all-time color commentator Stevie Ray into the Cold Slither WrassleCast Hall of Fame Class of the year Two Thousand and Twelve.


The CSP and our associated WrassleCast All-Stars have a mission: Get Stevie Ray!

What’s up, everybody?

This is Classick here announcing a special mission that we the Cold Slither crew along with several of our associates have been talking about taking on

The objective is really simple… GET. STEVIE. RAY!

A bit of background: As most of you know well, Stevie Ray, alongside his brother Booker T, formed one of pro-wrestling’s most decorated tag teams ever in Harlem Heat, who ran roughshod over the WCW in the 90s. The 10-time WCW World Tag Team champs later split up, allowing Booker T and Stevie Ray to wrestle separately as singles competitors. Booker went on to a become a 5-time TV champion and eventually a career filled with numerous championships and accolades in WCW and later the WWF.

Stevie Ray (r.), pictured here with Sister Sherri and Brother Booker T, were successful as the tag team Harlem Heat in the 90s.

Brother Stevie Ray also experienced gold as a TV champion. After brief runs as part of the derivative tag team “Harlem Heat 2000” (alongside Ahmed Johnson, known as “Big T”) and then part of the New World Order stable, Stevie Ray eventually retired from the squared circle. He returned in 2000 as a commentator, joining the broadcast team of WCW’s Thunder show. It was here where Stevie Ray truly shined!

Check out just a sample of Stevie Ray’s entertaining color commentary below:

I’ll let this Wikipedia entry explain the rest:

As a commentator, Stevie referred to all of the women as “yaks” and coined his catchphrase “Suckas gots to know!” He also provided in-depth analysis from a wrestler’s point of view during matches and constantly criticized wrestlers for mistakes made in the ring. For example, he would often say that a wrestler “should have went for the cover!” or “needed to hook the leg!” and this advice earned him the nickname, “Straightshootin'” Stevie Ray.

When we started doing our podcast and partnering up with such sites as Ring Time Pro Wrestling, it started to be a clear consensus among a number of us that albeit for a  short time, Stevie Ray turned out to be one of the most memorable and most entertaining wrestling color commentators of all time! This fascination has led to a shared mission by we here at the Cold Slither Podcast and our WrassleCast all-stars…  and now we extend it to you readers and listeners: We want to a chance to interview Stevie Ray!

Why Stevie Ray? Cuz Suckas Gots to Know, Fruit Booty!!

Here’s what we know so far:

  • Stevie Ray’s real name is Lane Steven Huffman
  • He and his brother Booker T opened the “Booker T and Stevie Ray Pro Wrestling Academy” in Houston in 2005
  • Stevie Ray has also helped train several of the wrestlers in Booker T’s current organization, the PWA
  • The two brothers retrained Marty Wright, a.k.a. The Boogeyman, helping him get rehired by the WWE
  • He may still be in the Houston, Texas vicinity, reportedly running an auto garage
  • Stevie Ray is not on twitter as far as we know, but his brother is (@BookerT5X)

If you are down with the cause and would like to help, please contact us. And if you have an inside track on reaching Stevie Ray, by all means also hit us up!


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