The Fall of Tebowmania + other random thoughts on MLK Day

Tebow Time Tecmo
Tebow Time in the style of Tecmo Bowl – image via

Well, that was fun while it lasted, wasn’t it?

In a whirlwind sports story straight out of the scripts of “The Heavenly Kid”, “Angels In The Outfield”, “Necessary Roughness” (the Scott Bakula & Sinbad movie, not the USA Network show) and, my personal favorite, “Rookie Of The Year” (“pitcher’s got a biiiig buuuutt!”), the legend of Tim Tebow grew out of Denver and took the nation by storm. Up until this past Saturday, enough people in this country to elect a President were willing to bet and believe that an aw shucks clean cut never rounded third base with a girl honest to gosh boy scout with a wet  noodle of a throwing arm could lead his team to victory against QB Uggs and the evil empire known as the Belicheats (angry Jets fan? me? how’d you guess?). And you know what? Up until halfway through the first quarter, they would have been right! But then reality set in and the stagecoach turned back into a pumpkin and the valiant steeds back into mice as, to borrow a phrase from “The Evening Jones”, BEATEMDOWN commenced. Tebow remained classy throughout and gave us all a rarity in sports– someone to blindly believe in for no factual or statistical reason whatsoever. Not to get all poetic nor flowery about this guy, I’ll leave that to the mainstream media, but this was like reading “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” all over again.

I give Tebow credit, however, for reviving two 80’s favorites– one being the cool custom Tecmo Bowl graphic above, the other, well, see for yourself…

John Parr remade his own song “St. Elmo’s Fire” into “Tim Tebow’s Fire”. I know Tebow ain’t big on self-promotion, but that is a huge boost for one’s ego, as the St. Elmo’s Fire theme is like an 80’s staple.

In any case, here’s some other stuff:

Episode 14 was recorded over the weekend and believe you me, it’s a good one for all you kids of the 80s and maybe some of you gamers out there too. We get into deep discussion about one of the first home video game consoles, the Atari 2600, and its vast library of games. We talk about some of our favorites and some odd and funny stories are told. Look for it sometime Tuesday!

We may do a poll, tournament or some other thing sometime soon about all-time great cartoon intros, but one of the tops on my list is Pole Position, which in my opinion had the dopest theme song in existence.

Granted, it was nothing like the actual arcade and Atari game it was based on, but still…

For more arcade fun, visit our good friends at Rediscoverthe80s, as they have tons of 80s arcade reviews and a few games you can play right on their site!

News came out that snack cakes manufacturer Hostess recently filed for bankruptcy protection. This distresses me somewhat as Hostess is one of those things we all grew up on, despite our parents telling us their products would spoil our dinner. But the makers of such legendary products as Twinkies, Ho Hos, Ding Dongs, Donettes, Sno Balls, Mini Muffins, Zingers, Suzy Q’s, Fruit Pies, and the ill-fated short-lived Choco-Bliss deserves a lot better than to fade silently into that good night! I say Hostess is too big to fail, damn it! If you feel the way I do, hop on over to their site or their twitter to show them some love and stock up on some of the above snacks of your choice next time you’re in the store. I will always associate Hostess snacks with my all-time favorite superhero thanks to this comics ad series.

If Hostess cakes are good enough for Spidey, well…

Remakes suck, and I am pleased to see justice being done with the cancellations of Charlie’s Angels and ABC’s “Work It“, which was a poorly conceived remake of the 80s sitcom “Bosom Buddies”, which also served as a star vehicle for one Tom Hanks. I give Bosom Buddies a lot of credit for keeping the name “Susan B. Anthony” alive in my mind– gave it a lot more meaning when we studied about her and women’s rights in school for that one week.

Today also marks the 62nd year of life for one Debbie Allen, the phenomenal actress, dancer, choreographer, writer and producer who is probably best known for her role as tough dance instructor Lydia Grant on the 80s hit TV series “Fame”. Debbie Allen is also responsible for one of my all-time favorite TV sitcoms “A Different World”, writing, directing and guest-starring in many episodes of the show. Congratulations, Debbie!

Actress, choreographer and producer Debbie Allen turns 62 today.

Finally, today is a day of service, reflection and rememberance in honor of Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr., whose message of racial equality, non-vioent protest and love for humanity lives on today. I haven’t had an MLK Day off in over a decade, however I will take my own time to reflect.

It is humbling to think of the sacrifices Dr. King and so many others have made so that we can all live in a nation where each of us can stand as free and equal individuals united in pursuit of peace for all mankind. Read up on one of Dr. King’s speeches today, or watch and listen to his most famous speech of all. Teach a younger or a less enlightened one about his work and his message and do your part to show that kind of love for your fellow man, woman and child, be it by service or just wishing them “peace”.

And let us all celebrate freedom, thank God almighty…

Classick Material can be found on twitter (@classickmateria) and is a host and contributor to the “Cold Slither Podcast” and a regular caller on the “All Subjects Everything” show.

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  1. Thanks as always for the shameless plugs of RD80s. I need to return the favor!!

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