WWF releases promo videos for “It Begins 2012” and “Masked Kane” during 11/21 Raw show.

During last night’s WWF Raw, we were privy to two promos while recording the WrassleCast, one very cryptic video titled “It Begins 2012” and the video an obvious reference to the return of Kane.

The “It Begins” promo video wasn’t aired on RAW, but a link to it was flashed on the screen for a brief moment under some scrambled static. The video is basically some schoolboy in a classroom scribbling in a notebook while the voiceover of the child announces a return “on the second day in 2012”.

The video doesn’t say what it is for, but speculation runs rampant that it could be heralding the return to action of The Phenom known as The Undertaker. Could The Deadman be on his way back to journey on the road to WrestleMania?

Could "It Begins 2012" be heralding the return of The Deadman?

The other short video that aired last night showed a match being lit, then the face of a hooded figure in a dirty mirror. He screams and then punches the mirror, smashing it into several fragments. The promo ends with what appears to be Kane’s mask falling to the floor while lit on fire.

Now THIS moreso than the return of The Undertaker is exciting! The return of Kane is always a great thing for wrestling and seeing the mask referenced would bring Kane full circle back to his roots, when he was a menacing force in the WWF. Since he was unmasked almost a decade ago, Kane has not been the same and many wrestling fans, myself included, are excited to have the Masked Kane back.

The return of the "Big Red Machine" known as Kane, with his mask?

Who knows, maybe this would lead to a collision course between the Brothers of Destruction at WrestleMania??

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