Episode 7: The Uncanny Podcast, part 2 (CSP-EP07) + a tribute to Smokin’ Joe Frazier and Heavy D (RIP)

Child of Light and Darkness – one of the most iconic covers in comics history

Enjoy this classic episode by downloading via our free CSP archive!

The Uncanny Podcast, part 2 + Joe Frazier & Heavy D tribute
Guest: Brandon Murphy

At the top of the show, Classick lets you know that this show is dedicated to the memory of boxing legend Smokin’ Joe Frazier and hip hop legend, producer, singer and actor Heavy D, both of whom have passed away recently (RIP). Throughout the show’s breaks, tracks featuring both will be played. Did you know Joe Frazier had a singing career? This show is a continuation of discussion started in Episode 6 on the X-Men. If you wish to hear part 1, check it out on the Cold Slither Podcast site!

Smokin’ Joe Frazier
Heavy D & The Boyz – “Blue Funk”

Topics discussed:
When did you start reading X-Men?
What was the best X-Men lineup?
Favorite X-Men story arcs/cross-over events
Favorite X-Men covers
Build your ultimate X-Men lineup.
The X-Men Cartoon thoughts
The X-Men Movies
What should they do next? Who should have the next X-Men spinoff film?

X-Men First Class. Which X-Man should be the next to have his/her own spin-off film? Send us your suggestions in the comments!

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Enjoy this classic episode by downloading via our free CSP archive!

Background tracks provided by Lee Treble. Check out more of his music, including the newly released “Rafter Music Deaux” FREE album over at http://leetreble.bandcamp.com
Tracks featured:
Heavy D – “Who’s The Man”
Heavy D – “Who’s In the House”
Joe Frazier & The Knockouts – “Miller Lite ad”
Joe Frazier & The Knockouts – “First Round Knockout”
Heavy D – “Blue Funk”
Heavy D – “Talk is Cheap”
Wolverine – “Blasted Salami”
Joe Frazier & The Knockouts – “My Way”
Bonus track:
Heavy D (feat. Gang Starr, 3rd Eye, The Notorious B.I.G., Busta Rhymes & Rob-O) “A Buncha Ni**as”

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. wolverine …i don’t know why i just don’t like this character….in my opinion hulk family is much better than him haha sory for wolverine fans no hard feeling here :)but i have alot of x-men comic collection if u want ..i can give you ..just visit my blog here thx alot ! and have a nice day !

  2. i like wolverine but the ,his adamantium skull and claws make him impossible to get tore by someone else (maybe hulk and red hulk can ? :D) beside this is a very strong marvel superheroes… i really wanna watch him in the next avenger movie !

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