Episode 6: The Uncanny Podcast, part 1 (CSP-EP06)

The far-reaching near 50 year legacy of the X-Men

Enjoy this classic episode via our free CSP archive. Download, listen and tell a friend!

The history of the X-Men comic book franchise is discussed in this episode.
Classick and Tim Dogg are joined by returning guest Brandon Murphy. Eclectik is away for this episode but is doing fine and will return soon (read: week-long retreat with Robin Givens).

From the 1960’s origins during the Silver Age of comics to today, the X-Men has gone through several waves, changes and evolutions. The team talk about some of the best and worst moments of their near half-century run.

The team briefly talk last Monday’s Muppets Raw, Halloween greed, angry Kris Humphries, who really broke up the Kardashian marriage, get out and vote (Brandon Murphy 2012), and Brandon & his daughter’s awesome Halloween costume (best evar?).

This episode also marks the debut of “Tim Dogg’s Daily Dogg Pound” where Tim from the city desk gives us recent and upcoming news in the world of comic books, video games, etc.

Classick brings up UnderScoopFire.com‘s recent fantasy task force draft, which is awesome.

After some Sharkticon Pit (you represent your bumper sticker!), the crew get into some shouts out to friends of the show and some twitter poll results of most favorite/least favorite X-Men.

Enjoy this classic episode via our free CSP archive. Download, listen and tell a friend!

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Promos during the beaks:
Rafter Music Deaux (RF2) by Lee Treble – available for FREE DOWNLOAD on November 8th on http://leetreble.bandcamp.com

Ring time Pro Wrestling – blog and radio show by Keith Holt, Jr.
Blog: http://ringtimeprowrestling.com
Radio Show: http://blogtalkradio.com/ringtimeprowrestling
(also available on iTunes under “Ring Time Pro Wrestling”)

Tracks feaured during the breaks:
“Be Without You (Remix)” from the upcoming Rafter Music Deaux EP
Pryde of the X-Men opening theme
X-Men beat by DJ CUTMAN
Wolverine and the X-Men opening theme

Part 2 of “The Uncanny Podcast” will be aired next week!

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