Episode 5: It’s A Cold Slither Freestyle, Charlie Brown (CSP-EP05)

Run fo yo life, Chollay Brown!!!

Enjoy this classic episode by downloading from our free CSP Archive!

This is a freestyle episode of the CSP– ANYTHING GOES!! To start the show off, Classick explains the reason behind the programming change.

**Topics discussed**

  • It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!
  • Halloween memories
  • Popular movies that everyone has seen but me
  • Favorite all-time/most frequently watched movies
  • Midnight movie releases
  • Clint Eastwood as Charlie Brown
  • Halloween vandalism and hooliganry
  • Bootleg Super Mario Brothers (The Great Giana Sisters) & other hacked games
  • Run for your life, Charlie Brown!
  • “Just the Tip” & Classick’s auditory Crying Game moment
  • 90s X-Men vs. 90s Spider-Man
  • Pryde of the X-Men
  • MTV Spider-Man
  • Spiderfriends vs. Superfriends
  • Wonder Twins vs. Wendy, Marvin & Wonder Mutt
  • Token superfriends: Black Vulcan and Samurai
  • 10 all-time Best and Worst live action comics TV series (per Newsarama.com)
  • Sharkticon Pit (Tebow, Uggs & Pamela)
All up in yo pumpkin patch, it’s a Cold Slither freestyle!

Enjoy this classic episode by downloading from our free CSP Archive!

Shout-out to the “All Subjects Everything” radio show, every Wed. nights @ 10PM EST

Tracks featured: Break 1 – “Charlie Brown Peanuts Theme (Asis Remix)” by Asis Galvin (http://asisgalvin.bandcamp.com) Break 2 – “Challenge of the Superfriends theme”, “Theme from the Amazing Spider-man TV series” (1977)

Background beats provided by Lee Treble, go download his digital album “Rafter Music” for FREE at http://leetreble.bandcamp.com.

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