Newzy Floozies Ep 10: Free Papoose (feat. @SunnyTwoteThat)


The Newzy Floozies are navigating life as black queer women and letting you know they are here to stay! So remember play with yo mama don’t play with us!”

This week, the Floozies are dragging Rebel Wilson, Caitlyn Jenner, and so much more. Join us for another week of the Floozies tripping!

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Press play below and enjoy the show!

Listen to Newzy Floozies Ep 10: Free Papoose

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Getting to know your hosts:


Lucy is a native of Chicago (south side!) who studies in the Midwest for her PhD in Gender Studies. Her passion is fighting for the rights of Black queer people in and outside of academia. She loves trashy reality TV, reading books, and chilling with her wife. Lucy likes to think that her unique perspective will help liberate some folks one day and that it may inspire others to follow in her path. Sooooo listen to Newzy Floozies to hear her thoughts on navigating queer life!”


 Gene is a Chicago native who’s still chilling out in the Midwest and working as a caseworker for a homeless resource center! Gene has a degree in Mass Media and enjoys listening to radio and posting up on the couch watching tv. Listen to Newzy Floozies to hear her explore and navigate life as a queer woman of colo
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