A Final Announcement from our CEO….

Bah Weep Granah Weep Nini Bong,

Back in 2012, after a fateful series of unfortunate events left me with two missing front teeth and ton of free time on my hands, I along with two friends started the original Cold Slither Podcast, a weekly discussion show covering 80s and 90s childhood nostalgia . Thus began an adventurous journey into the world of podcasting. After six years, several episodes, legions of shows, countless hours of recording, editing, producing, & promoting, and assembling one network/media company, that journey for me is coming to an end.

 “There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.”
― Frank Herbert

Effective July 1st, I will no longer act as CEO, President, or Chairman of CSPN Media and will officially resign from this position. I will turn over ownership, leadership and responsibility for day-to-day operations of CSPN Media and all its affiliated podcasts, holdings and properties to a trusted leadership team consisting of two of our CSPN podcast veterans:

  • Don Jeffries (@DonDelarente) – CSPN VP and Director of Operations, co-host of Know the Score, Cast of Strong Style, & The WrassleCast), and

  • Jeremey Larry (@Blike_Dante) – co-host of Crown & Collards & Ratchet Ramblings.

“I haven’t been training a partner, I’ve been training a replacement”
― Agent K (Men In Black)

Don & Jeremey have each given much of their time, energy and efforts to developing content for The CSPN. They both are heavily invested in the success of this network and I believe that they have the experience, drive and insight to continue moving CSPN Media towards our vision of providing diverse entertainment, information, interviews and variety to our worldwide audience. From now until June 30th, I will work with them on the transition of all aspects of the network, including supporting and hosting each of your podcasts.

I expect that Don & Jeremey will not work alone, as they will benefit from our other network hosts and partners for input, ideas, insights, and leadership as they build their team to move CSPN forward. They will also rely on you, the listeners, as you are the reason we all do what we do and your input matters. The CSPN name and identity will remain intact, as should most of the current podcast line-up, however with change there will be changes, and I am confident that Don & Jeremey will only improve on what I and my previous partners have been able to start. To help with the transition, I have offered to stay on as a special senior advisor accessible to Don & Jeremey should they need me.

“This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”
― Winston Churchill

I did not arrive at this decision easily. It is something I had spent months, if not years, deliberating over. My commitment to podcasting, to developing shows, and building and growing CSPN as a network and media company has reaped numerous rewards, yet almost as many penalties. There have been several triumphs and accomplishments as well as disappointments and lessons learned. However at this point in my life, both professionally and personally, I know it is time for me to move on and focus on my other interests. I will continue to be around and will endeavor to be reachable to many of you. Only instead of being behind the mic, behind the boards, or behind the curtain, I will going forward be, like many of you reading this, a listener and a fan.

I am proud of the talented people who I have worked with on this network, present & past. I am also proud of the future that the new leadership will bring. I have made many friends and built some lifelong relationships. I have also made mistakes, faltered, and lost some friends doing this. Either way, I am appreciative of the experience. I cannot thank all of you by name in this already lengthy letter, but please know that I do thank you for the opportunity.

I am equally thankful to all of the many listeners, followers, fans, supporters and colleagues of our numerous projects. Whether it was the Cold Slither Podcast, Anutha Twenny Fo, Know the Score, WrassleCast, Classick Team-Up!, Crown & Collards, and so many other current and former CSPN shows, you the listener have inspired, challenged, and driven us to give more, do more and be better. It is here I want to thank all of you, especially 10 who I will name in this space because of how much they have meant to me personally: The Rainebeaux, William Bruce West, Lamar the Revenger, Kevin Hellions, NicJu, Mo_Rease, Sanitythief, Chris Stevens, Lee Treble, and iWalkLess. I should also acknowledge my two O.G. co-hosts Eclectik and TimDogg98, my O.G. podcast mentors Rod & Karen (TBGWT) and Rashanii (Single Simulcast), and CSPN co-founder Melanie Beauty Jackson– thank you all for the fantastic journey.

Rather than say goodbye, I will borrow a phrase from one of my life’s legendary inspirations and bid you all… Excelsior.

In service and with gratitude,

Jamal O. Sealey aka “Classick”
CSPN (Retired)

One Comment Add yours

  1. Corey says:

    You’ve done a really amazing job. Bravo to you and your successes. The network is left in good hands.

    -Corey From The OTAP Show

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