Classick Team-Up! Ep 64: @BadandBoozyPod – 25-minute preview of Patreon Exclusive Content

Presented by The CSPN

Welcome back to another exciting and early #WineCrushWednesday edition of Classick Team-Up! on The CSPN!

In this preview of the Patreon-exclusive edition of Classick Team-Up!, Classick teams up with the co-hosts of the hot new “Bad & Boozy Podcast”, Sommere (@fabfreshandfly) and DeeAsia (@BrainsandBuns) to discuss wines, fandom, pro wrestling, Avengers: Infinity War, and much, much more!

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Press Play & Enjoy!!

Listen to Classick Team-Up! Ep 64: Bad & Boozy (25-minute preview)

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This drawing is not officially affiliated with UniversalFanCon. This drawing is for entertainment purposes only and should be considered an exchange of a ticket to the event for that purpose only. Mention of and use of the name UniversalFanCon is for informational purposes only. The event and its organizers are not affiliated and should not be held liable for results of this drawing. This drawing is being held by Classick and CSPN Media only.

Universal FanCon is “the first large-scale, 24-hour event that celebrates the diversity of fans, the diversity of fandom the true needs of those who love pop culture”. “Hosted in Baltimore, MD, April 27-29, 2018, this year’s inaugural FanCon’s mission is to create a sense of belonging by providing authentic connections and experiences through fan-centric parties, programs, panels and partners… in an engaging, interactive festival atmosphere.”
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