Gridiron Gals Season 3, Episode 1: We’re Back!

Welcome back to the Gridiron Gals podcast, Season 3!

The Gridiron Gals are back! Chels & Reeta return to kick off the third season of their football podcast and catch up on so much from the offseason.

In this episode:

  • Cowboys – Unlucky Whitehead
  • Ravens – Flacco injury, Kaepernick’s chances of joining the team,
  • Vikings – Teddy Bridgewater on PUP list, chances of returning
  • John Urschel retires
  • New CTE study
  • College football – Hugh Freeze out at Ole Miss for being nasty
  • Michael Vick to be inducted into VT Hall of Fame, Fans protest.
  • OJ

Click here to listen to Gridiron Gals Season 3, Episode 1: We’re Back!

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About the Gridiron Gals:


Gridiron Gals is dedicated to giving women who are fans of football a voice and presence in a world dominated by the men.  Women represent 40% of the NFL fans base and are grossly misrepresented when one thinks about the “average NFL fan”.  We are here to provide a comfortable and educational atmosphere for the female football fans.

Please continue to keep up with our movement as we expand, by following us:

twitter: @gridirongals
instagram: GridironGals
Facebook: Gridiron Gals


About Reeta:

Reeta is one of the original ladies who founded Gridiron Gals in 2009; starting with the very first NFL Kickoff party. She is also the owner and creator of
Reeta can be reached at

About Chels:

Chels started off as a writer on the original before co partnering with Reeta in 2011.  She is a diehard Dallas Cowboys  fan who is the primary writer for the Cowboys on the site.  You can find Chels on twitter @ChelsIsRight with colorful commentary on game day.
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