Comic Book Chronicles Ep. 197: 2016 Year End Awards


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Welcome back to another exciting episode of The KLIQ Nation’s Comic Book Chronicles!


It is time for our main event — the 2016 Year End Awards show! We take a look back at what wowed us and left us a bit disappointed in the all-encompassing world of comic book entertainment.
A list of our categories and winners are below. If you have any thoughts on our winners and losers, make sure to let your voice be heard on Twitter by using the hashtag #CBChron2016.
All this, along with our #kliqsoftheweek.

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Most Disappointing Comic Book TV Show
Agents 70:  Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD (ABC)
PCN_DiRT:  The Tick (Amazon)
Roddykat:  Powers (PSN)
Timdogg:  Gotham (Fox)
Most Disappointing Comic Book Movie
Agent 70:  Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice
PCN_DiRT:  X-Men: Apocalypse
Roddykat:  Suicide Squad (Theatrical cut)
Timdogg:  X-Men Apocalypse
Favorite Comic Book TV Show
Agent 70:  Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD (ABC)
PCN_DiRT:  Teen Titans Go!
Roddykat:  The Flash/Legends of Tomorrow
Timdogg:  The Flash
Favorite Comic Book Movie
Agent 70:  Captain America: Civil War
PCN_DiRT:  Deadpool
Roddykat:  Captain America: Civil War
Timdogg:  Captain America: Civil War
Most Anticipated Comic Book Movie
Agent 70:  Spider-Man Homecoming/Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
PCN_DiRT:  Justice League
Roddykat:  Black Panther (nothing in rules said it had to be in 2017)
Timdogg:  Thor: Ragnarok
Best Penciler
Agent 70:  Jason Fabok (Justice League)
PCN_DiRT:  Mike Mignola (Hellboy)
Roddykat:  Michael Allred (Silver Surfer)
Timdogg:  Rafa Sandoval (Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps)
Best Colorist
Agent 70:  Jordie Bellaire (The Vision/Various)
PCN_DiRT:  Brad Anderson (Justice League/Action Comics)
Roddykat:  Jordie Bellaire (Future Quest, Moon Knight, Vision, Various)
Timdogg:  Matt Wilson (Mighty Thor, Black Widow, Wic+Div)
Best Artist
Agent 70:  Mike del Mundo (Avengers/The Vision covers)
PCN_DiRT:  Mitch Gerads (Sheriff of Babylon)
Roddykat:  Chris Samnee (Black Widow)
Timdogg:  Russell Dauterman (Mighty Thor)
Best Writer
Agent 70:  Tom King (The Vision)
PCN_DiRT:  Tom King (Sheriff of Babylon/The Vision)
Roddykat:  Al Ewing (New Avengers, Ultimates, Content of Champions)
Timdogg:  Jason Aaron (Star Wars, Mighty Thor, Unworthy Thor, Doctor Strange, Southern Bastards)
Most Disappointing Comic
Agent 70:  Thunderbolts
PCN_DiRT:  Justice League (Rebirth)
Roddykat:  Civil War II #0
Timdogg:  Action Comics
Comic(s) That Died Too Quickly
Agent 70:  Web Warriors/Astonishing Ant-Man/Mockingbird
PCN_DiRT:  Web Warriors
Roddykat:  Ms. Marvel, Power Man and Iron Fist
Timdogg:  Contest of Champions
Books That Need More Readers
Agent 70:  Daredevil
PCN_DiRT:  Over the Garden Wall (Boom! Studios)
Roddykat:  Power Man and Iron Fist
Timdogg:  Descender
Best Comic Book Potential (currently running)
Agent 70:  Champions
PCN_DiRT:  Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye
Roddykat:  Champions
Timdogg:  Teen Titans
Most Anticipated Comic(s)
Agent 70:  The ResurrXion of the X-Corner of the Marvel Universe
PCN_DiRT:  Sheriff of Babylon S2
Roddykat:  America (Marvel), Iron Fists
Timdogg:  Super-Sons
Worst Licensed Title
Agent 70:  ROM (IDW)
PCN_DiRT:  Trancers (Action Lab)
Roddykat:  Any based off Disney rides
Timdogg:  Wacky Raceland
Best Licensed Title
Agent 70:  Darth Vader
PCN_DiRT:  The Blacklist (Titan Comics)
Roddykat:  Future Quest
Timdogg:  Star Wars
Most Disappointing Event
Most Satisfying Event
Agent 70:  Ending of Secret Wars
PCN_DiRT:  DC Rebirth
Roddykat:  Spider-Women
Timdogg:  DC Rebirth
Most Anticipated Event
Agent 70:  ResurrXion
PCN_DiRT:  Hanna-Barbera/DC Annuals
Roddykat:  Hanna-Barbera/DC Annuals
Timdogg:  ResurrXion
Worst Event Tie-In
Agent 70:  So…many…Civil War II tie-ins…published out of sequence
PCN_DiRT:  New Avengers #9 (Standoff) (American Kaiju)
Roddykat:  Sides with PCN_DiRT
Timdogg:  Pick a Civil War II tie-in
Best Event Tie-In
Agent 70:  Various issues of Spider-Women
PCN_DiRT:  Flash Rebirth #1
Roddykat:  Ms. Marvel’s Civil War II tie-ins
Timdogg:  Amazing Spider-Man (Clone Conspiracy)
Most Surprising Event Tie-In
Agent 70:  Dead No More: Clone Conspiracy #1 and #2
PCN_DiRT:  New Avengers #9 (Standoff) (American Kaiju)
Roddykat:  Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye: Revolution #1
Timdogg:  Power Man and Iron Fist Civil War II tie-ins
Worst “Gimmick” or Variant Cover
Agent 70:  Hip Hop covers done for less than “classic” albums
PCN_DiRT:  Loot Crate sales boosts
Roddykat:  Any *Pool covers
Timdogg:  Abstains
Best “Gimmick” or Variant Cover
Agent 70:  Hip Hop cover homages or truly classic albums
PCN_DiRT:  DC’s No Minimum Rebirth variants
Roddykat:  Hip Hop variant covers for classic albums
Tim:  Abstains
Most Disappointing Publisher
Agent 70:  IDW Publishing (Not every publisher needs an all-encompassing universe)
PCN_DiRT:  Dark Horse (Let Mike Mignola retire from drawing)
Roddykat:  Valiant (Because nothing of interest)
Timdogg:  Dark Horse (Nothing from them really jumped out this year)
Most Valuable Publisher
Agent 70:  Marvel Comics
PCN_DiRT:  DC Comics
Roddykat:  Image Comics
Timdogg:  DC Comics
KLIQs of the Year
Agent 70:  The Vision, Ms. Marvel
PCN_DiRT:  Hellboy in Hell #10, Sheriff of Babylon #5
Roddykat:  The Vision, Ms Marvel
Timdogg:  DC Universe: Rebirth #1, Mighty Thor
New Year Comics Resolutions
Agent 70:  Get rid of comics that I no longer want in my collection. Revive and strengthen our social media and website presence.
PCN_DiRT:  Organize my paper copies
Roddykat:  Organize my comics; expand my comic awareness
Timdogg:  Read more non-Big 2 comics


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