CSPN Presents Know the Score: Blue Blood Showdown

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The NFL season has taken an interesting turn going into week 13, with key injuries to Gronk and Cutler and playoff scenarios taking shape. In college hoops, a blue blood showdown between Kentucky and Duke looms large. All this, plus the Rockets ending the Warriors’ 12-game winning streak in the NBA and more are discussed in this episode. This week, our panel consists of our regular KTSPod co-hosts Tyler Ball, Don Delarente, and Nubyjas Wilborn.

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Play of the week

Ride the Pine

  • Louisville women’s basketball coach Jeff Walz rants about participation trophies after a loss.
  • Jeff Fisher for banning Eric Dickerson from the LA Rams sideline, claiming he’s protecting the players from Dickerson’s criticism.
  • US Soccer and Jurgen Klinsmann for this entire mess of a program. Welcome back, Bruce Arena
Score of the week

  • 44 – number of career triple doubles – 4 in the last four games – for Russell Westbrook  (OKC is 4-0 in the stretch), tying Lebron for 6th all-time in 365 fewer games.
  • 0-6 – Hawks lost their last six straight games.
  • 130 – Number of consecutive home non-conference games winning streak for Duke. The next longest is Wichita State’s 42.

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About the Know the Score team:

Tyler Ball

taball1Tyler Ball has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience covering intercollegiate sports, particularly at the Historically Black College and Universities (HBCU) of our nation.With over 10 years of service at N.C. A&T State University, Tyler has had access to some of the best athletes over the past 20 years. Tyler is a Sports Media Journalist and blog contributor whose work has been featured in the Associated Press, ESPN, and Sports Illustrated.

Follow Tyler on twitter @taball1

Don Delarente

“I consider myself a sports super nerd. I’m #HTTR and #BeatDook till I die.” Member of the #RampantBlackNeckaryCrew. Don is also the co-host of CSPN’s pro wrestling podcast The WrassleCast.

Follow Don on twitter @DonDelarente

Nubyjas Wilborn

nwilborn19a“Crossfitter, born again Runner & craft beer lover. multimedia sports journalist. Here to incite, enlighten, & entertain.” Nubyjas is a health/fitness & food reporter for the Tallahassee Democrat. Nubyjas also hosts “Beer, It Is”,  the brand-new CSPN podcast about craft beer.

Follow Nubyjas on twitter @nwilborn19


thatssojessyFuture graphic designer. Food lover. Baker/cook when the moment strikes. Arsenal FC. Baltimore Ravens.

Follow Jessica on twitter @thatssojessy
Visit Jessica’s blog jesscancode.com

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