WrassleCast 98: The Kevin Owens Cast feat. @shaggyblack


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Welcome back to the WrassleCast, your place for pro wrestling color commentary with color…


After a week performing in the indies (catch Episode 97 exclusively on YouTube), we return to The CSPN’s WrassleCast studios to bring you an all-new episode! First-time guest @ShaggyBlack joins us to share his wrestling fan origin, then we recap the first #RawCast of the Kevin Owens era and another week of #SmackDownMatters, #ClassicCast, NXT, and the return of a new season of #LuchaCast. All this, plus a preview of the card for Sunday’s BackLash PPV on the WWE Network — join us for our live-tweet, using the hashtag #BackLashMatters.

rockaustinHalftime Promo: Bayley has a bold message for Charlotte
Parting Promo: “Bricks & Backlash” Gucci Mane vs. The Rock – hear it on SoundCloud!


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Congratulations to our recent guest and G.L.O.W. Ayzali Wali on winning the WWA4 Inter-Gender Championship this week! Gorgeous Ladies Of WrassleCast get titles!

newgirlsintownCheck out the documentary “New Girls In Town: A Resurgence Of Women’s Wrestling” by our recent guest @RebelLifeMedia.

Watch for free with an Amazon Prime membership or rent or buy this documentary on streaming via Amazon Video. Rent: $3.99, Buy: $4.99

Link: http://amzn.to/2bpKl9F


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