Gridiron Gals: HGH, You Taste So Good


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This week, Chels and Reeta finish out 2015 with a recap of Week 16 of the NFL season, highlighted by a few upsets. Also, they talk about the OBJ suspension, Chip Kelly getting fired, Peyton Manning accused of juicing, the college football playoffs on New Year’s Eve & much more!

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Discussed this episode:

Steelers lost to a no-named Ravens roster
Jets upset the Patriots, Belichick outsmarts himself
Panthers fall to the Falcons
The Redskins & Kirk Cousins
Wild Card round matchups preview
Green Bay’s woes
The Minnesota Matrix
Odell Beckham, Jr., suspension, gay slurs, & Tom Coughlin’s failure
Chip Kelly fired
Peyton Manning accused of juicing
College football playoff picks for NYE
Ask Gridiron Gals – questions from listeners
NFL Week 17 predictions in This or That?

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GridironGalsDuoAbout Reeta:

Reeta is one of the original ladies who founded Gridiron Gals in 2009; starting with the very first NFL Kickoff party. She is also the owner and creator of
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About Chels:

Chels started off as a writer on the original before co partnering with Reeta in 2011.  She is a diehard Dallas Cowboys  fan who is the primary writer for the Cowboys on the site.  You can find Chels on twitter @ChelsIsRight with colorful commentary on game day.
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