CSPN presents Know the Score: The State of Boxing

Welcome back to CSPN’s sports podcast, Know the Score!


Guest panelists this week are Marcus Perkins and Morgan P. Campbell. This week’s episode is hosted by Nubyjas Wilborn & Tim Hamilton.

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This week’s guest panelists:

Marcus Perkins

Boxing enthusiast, sports fan from MajorPerksPG County, Maryland.

Follow Marcus on twitter @majorperks

Morgan P. Campbell

MorganPCovers for the Toronto Star. host, NNA winner, alum. Tweets sportsbiz, jokes, fights, NU sports, telenovelas.

Follow on twitter & instagram at @morganpcampbell

Read Morgan’s work at star.com/sportonomics

About the Know the Score team:

Tim Hamilton

TimmyJigFather of 2 girls, Washington, DC native by way of Harlem in NYC. Working in IT Security. Very passionate about sports, known to be “the ESPN anchor from around the way.” Die hard fan of the Dallas Cowboys, NY Knicks, Florida State Seminoles (CFB), and the North Carolina Tar Heels (CBB). Huge buff of documentaries & biopics.

Follow Tim on twitter @TimmyJig

Nubyjas Wilborn

Nubyjas“Crossfitter, born again Runner & craft beer lover. multimedia sports journalist. Here to incite, enlighten, & entertain.” Nubyjas is a sports journalist and contributor for The Shadow League, True Hoop network, and  ESPN.

Follow Nubyjas on twitter @nwilborn19

Don Delarente

DonDelarente “I consider myself a sports super nerd. I’m #HTTR and #BeatDook till I die.” Don is also the co-host of CSPN’s pro wrestling podcast The WrassleCast.

Follow on twitter @DonDelarente

Ashanti C. Bradshaw

AshantiBorn and raised in Chicago, Ashanti is a homer tried and true despite being exposed to the New York sports culture during her days at Long Island University. Since 2009, she has been the lone voice and face of the website Sports and Boobs, which focuses primarily on discussing sports topics from an opinionated point-of-view.

“Nothing personal, just business. Learn it live it, love it!”

Follow Ashanti on twitter @SportsandBoobs

Visit her blog: http://sportsandboobs.wordpress.com


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