Classick Team-Up! #25: SportsandBoobs


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Welcome back to an ALL-NEW Classick Team-Up!

This episode, Classick hangs out with Ashanti, a sports blogger who goes by the unique name of “Sports and Boobs“. Together, the two team up to discuss some recent topics in the world of sports and revisit the one time Greg Anthony sucker-punched a player NOT named Danny Ainge (*producer’s note: yes, that was a tank!).  Classick also weighs in on Empire, Arrow, Royal Rumble, Defiance, #Spawn4Good and much more! Press Play to hear it!


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Discussed this episode

Why Sports and Boobs?
Blogging about sports
New Bears head coach
Jim Tomsula interview trainwreck
NFL veterans combine
Chad Johnson & Terrell Owens
Greg Anthony’s legal troubles
When Anthony sucker-punched KJ
NBA MVP candidates
The Cleveland Cavaliers
Cardale Jones staying in school
NCAA lifts ban on Penn State, restores Joe Paterno’s wins

About our guest

S&Bimg_1132Ashanti writes about sports, and has boobs. It’s that simple. She’s also a Simpsons nerd. Other than writing freelance, she is also a contributing writer for Aerys Sports (Windy City Sweetheart) and The Jarrett Payton Show.

Contact her on twitter @sportsandboobs
Visit to read her work

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