Classick Team-Up! #09: Keith Holt, Jr.

Presented by The Cold Slither Podcast Network


Classick Team-Up! returns from a year-long absence with a vengeance!

This episode, Classick holds a one-on-one interview with good friend and WrassleCast all-star Keith Holt, Jr., the creator and co-host of Ring Time Pro Wrestling site and podcast. The two talk about all things pro wrestling, as well as Keith’s other interests, stand-up comedy & family.


Also, check out the special terrible edition “Team Down for What?!” theme song and relive the biggest moment in pro wrestling history from 18 years ago this week!

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Discussed this episode

Ring Time Pro Wrestling – the show, the site
Pro wrestlers entering the podcast biz
Pro wrestling back then vs. today (in-ring product, characters, stories, social media)
The WWE network – What are you watching? What do you want to see next?
What’s ahead for the pro wrestling biz, for Ring Time Pro?
Classick Role-Play: Coming to America (“You ain’t never met no Martin Luther the King!“)
History & Politics, Keith’s Social Study
Stand-up comedy
Other interests of Keith Holt, Jr.



Guest Keith Holt, Jr. is a blogger, podcaster and Dollar Store connoisseur. Hit him up about Comedy, Sports, Politics, Pro Wrestling. Follow him on twitter @KHoltJr



Ring Time Pro Wrestling is a show that talks about any and everything in pro wrestling, from WWF/E, TNA/IMPACT and the indies.


Classick Team-Up Back! TEAM DOWN 4 WHAT??!!


Thanks again Keith for joining the Team-Up!

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