Anutha Twenny Fo #03: Droppin’ Daughter’s Digits (w/guest Shareef Jackson)

Presented by The Cold Slither Podcast

Foolish Naveed… The Yorkshire Widow is not playin around, son!

This week, Classick is joined by longtime friend and fellow “24” fan, Shareef Jackson! The pace is picking up and the stakes get even higher, but Agent Jackson and Agent Material are on the case!

Anutha Twenny Fo recaps and reviews episodes of 24: Live Another Day. For the 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. episode of Day 9, we find Jack infiltrating the US embassy in London to try to prove that the drones are being controlled by terrorists. Jack meets Young Lando, knocks out two guards who obviously took too many froyo breaks and holds a British standoff with hostages in the server room. JACK KNOWS EMBASSIES! Office Space-quality Windows upload times and hilarity ensue.

Lt. Tanner, a.k.a. “Young Lando” is still detained at the embassy

Meanwhile, Margot Al-Harazi a.k.a. “The Yorkshire Widow”, has taken her villainy up another notch, much to the chagrin of poor Naveed and… well, sh*t gets real in this one. You don’t want to piss off mother when the kettle’s on!

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Shareef Jackson is the co-host of the Operation Cubicle show, a podcast about balancing corporate life with geek life and everything in between.
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In addition, Shareef is the author of the TWO-TIME Black Weblog award-winning science blog, which celebrates all things science.
Follow Shareef on twitter @ShareefJackson & take part in the ongoing exchange on twitter using the hashtag “#ScienceLooksGood



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