FIGHT! (The League)

league young love

The following post is in response to a challenge issued by the League of Extraordinary Bloggers. This week’s topic is “Young Love”– namely to write about our favorite _ _ _ _  growing up. For more posts from The League, check out the links at the bottom of this page.


When I was a kid, my favorite game of all time was MORTAL KOMBAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!! *insert theme music here* Well actually it was Killer Instinct but Mortal Kombat is 20 times more fun to say now isn’t it?


I remember quite fondly the days of me sitting down with my brothers to play Mortal Kombat and ultimately getting my behind handed to me every single time. I’d sit there while playing trying to watch their fingers, trying to figure out “Well how the fuck did he do THAT move?” and “How come I can’t block this damn hit!” Usually I’d end up crying, throwing the controller and screaming, “MOM DAMIEN IS CHEATING!” which would result in me getting teased and mushed for being a snitch…yeah…it was rough.


As I got older and better at button mashing, I finally had victory! Didn’t know how I won but I was a champion and that’s all that matters right? RIGHT?! Only problem is my brother would tease me saying I got lucky…this lead to more crying and more snitching…and more mushing of my head (rough). So I started to study the ways of the video game sensei…I mastered the easy moves and challenged my brothers!

I was victorious and dazzled them with my new skills…I did my victory dance and licked their loser tears from their faces! (Not really that would be extremely creepy). But I gained their respect and they taught me the more difficult moves…BOOYOW!

Now…I just have to deal with their kids kicking my ass in Mortal Kombat… smh


CSP blog contributor Empressive Geek is just a geek who happens to pee sitting down. You can follow her on twitter @EmpressiveGeek


This post is my debut entry for The League of Extraordinary Bloggers.  Check out these other posts from around The League!

league young love

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  1. I know I shouldn’t, but I’ve been laughing at that GIF all morning.

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