SLITHER MADNESS 2013: Battle of the Bands Round Two results, Slither 16 is now open (VOTE!)

Round Two is in the books as SLITHER MADNESS rolls on!

Thanks again to everyone who’s voted in the polls for Round Two. The first two rounds saw a lot of upsets and hurt feelings, but we made it!

Check out the final scores below (winners in bold):

Alvin and The Chipmunks toppled The Brady Bunch Kids 62-38!

The Chipettes couldn’t last beyond Round Two, falling to The Partridge Family 54-46.

Tonight Spinal Tap rocked the Zack Attack tonight* 62-38!

In a startling second round upset, The Archies sent CB4 packing straight back to LoCash 54-46.

Sex Bob-omb gave The Impossibles a drubbing to the tune of 77-23.

Can You Picture That? Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem demolished The Misfits 77-23.

In another startling upset, The Soggy Bottom Boys edged out Fat Albert and the Junk Yard Band 54-46!!

This Just In!!

Dumb Donald is dejected!! We now go to the Junk Yard for his reaction!!!

Now, back to the news…

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band clipped Bird and the Midnight Falcons 77-23.

In the battle for California, The California Raisins obliterated California Dreams 92-8!!

The Be-Sharps tuned up Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld 62-38.

The Wonders couldn’t do that thing they do against Josie and the Pussycats, getting licked 69-31.

Sexual Chocolate dropped the mic and the boom on School of Rock 69-31.

The Max Rebo Band made Party Posse go kick Jedi Rocks 69-31.

Their fellow Star Wars band didn’t make it out of Mos Eisley, however. The Cantina Band needs someone to love after getting handled by The Blues Brothers 69-31!!

And finally, to prove there’s not conflict of interest or rigging of this tournament, The Five Heartbeats beat tournament favorite Cold Slither 62-38.

How did this happen? You voted, that’s how! Credit/Blame yourselves for these results, but now meet our Slither 16!!

Slither Madness 2013: Battle of the Bands – The Slither 16




Just a reminder,  polls are limited to just one vote per person with a Challonge account.If you have a prediction bracket and are looking to see your selections win, best way is to tell one or more of your friends (or foes) to vote for your favorites. If on twitter, use the hashtag #SLITHERMADNESS.

Sweet 16 voting closes on Friday, March 22nd.

Special thanks to Will’s’ World of Wonder for supplying the prizes for the bracket predictions contest.

Finally, thanks to YOU for participating! We hope you have a great time with us!

Hey, while you’re at it, check out eclectik’s Childhood Crushes Tournament and UnderScoopFire‘s Robotology Bracket a.k.a. “Mech Madness”!

*if you’ve seen Spinal Tap, you might get that reference…

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